Monday, 12 March 2007

El Director, Part 2 - Dropping Coins

So there I am. A poor young man on the streets of London, working in one lousy job, but just about gaining enough money to keep myself afloat. And I have nothing to loose. Or so is my attitude. So what did I do? I started filming.

Now, at this point in my life, three years ago, I don't have a clue about filming. I barely knew how to switch the camera on, let alone use the focus ring. And I didn't have a computer nor did I have a clue how to edit. Luckily for me, at the time, I knew a guy who loved computers and wanted to know how to edit. Why not, we know each other and we both have spare time.

So in his parents' back garden I got to work. I told him to drop a coin. In fact my first words as 'El Director' was 'Drop the Coin'. He did. And with thirty seconds of coin dropping footage we began to edit. A beautiful montage of shots, slowed down. In the end four seconds of footage were used but we slowed down the pace so much that it ended up 7 times longer. It was probably the most artistic film I have made to date, and it was only a test run. Oh, if things could be so simple now.

But that was it. In a day, we learnt how to shoot a guy dropping a coin. We learnt how to (and how not to) connect a camera to a computer. We also learnt how to use editing software.

'Wow', I thought. This is easy...

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