Wednesday, 14 March 2007

El Director - Part 4. Time to think 'big'

Right I thought, it's time to step up a gear. I decided to test my new found enthusiasm and just film anything. I filmed a mocumentary about making films, a film about making tea, a phone call in the dark, walking up and down the stairs, mock kung fu and my foot. I mucked around with blue screens, lights and even a dodgy tripod. I even learnt how to edit, this time getting my own computer and fiddling with the keyboard. It was amazing to see these creations light up the way.

But I was taking too much time from friends. This was my dream I was trying to pursue. And the hard facts are that there are few people in the world who sync up. There nothing right or wrong about this, it is just the way that we are as a species. We think differently. And we want things differently. I had to bite the bullet. It was time to start making films solo. No friends, no help. To be self sufficient and focused.

And it was hard. Your friends are there as a crutch, a support almost. But to go it alone is hard. You know that there is no one to blame but yourself. No one to turn to for advice and no one who will put up with as much crap as they would. You can be slack with your friends. You can have more of a temper or be less organised. But when it comes to going alone, you got to take on a whole different persona.

I look back on some of the shorts that I made three years ago. It was a fun time and productive. In a year I made 12 shorts. In a way it was a crash course in film school but without the expensive fees or the boring stuff like 'theory'. Just picking up a camera and mucking about with friends. Most people thought I was nuts, but I was soon to go to a whole new level of nuttiness. And I am thankful that I could rely on such a wonderful bunch of people. I was very lucky to have such good friends who allowed me to film them and direct them in the weirdest circumstances.

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