Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I enjoy my meat. Meat is a beautiful thing, but something even more important to me is fish. You see, I live on an island, I'm from some beautiful islands and so fish is a fantastic food for the senses. And from the archaeologist's POV, an important food resource for early man. But that's another tale and another day. Today fish is an overpriced commodity/. Now that fishmongers are a thing of the past, we have to put up with inflated prices from the supermarkets or have to hunt down the biggest fishmonger of them all and find out that it too is overpriced.

But there is nothing like good fish.

I've only once been to Billingsgate, that fantastic warehouse by The Wharf. I don't like early mornings any more than the next man and to be honest, the prices aren't that great. But the selection is awesome. If it is sold in this country, you'll find it at Billingsgate. A logistical nightmare, trucks pull in from the Channel Tunnel, Heathrow as well as fishing ports in the UK to sell, sell, sell. The most comforting thing about the market is that everything is done in cash. No sissies stadning in line with a switch card and fumbling with the chip and pin machine.

And by 7am, it is all gone until the next morning.

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