Monday, 26 March 2007


For those that want to do a double take at the time I'm posting this blog, welcome to my lunch hour (11am BST). No, this is not some glorious brunch for the uninitiated, but a proper lunch complete with full on hot meals (microwave) and a way to put my feet up (before a six mile walk). Also done is a visit to the post office and a top up on some groceries. All in all, how else does anyone else spend a lunch hour.

Although shift work is not the most pleasant thing for the body, there are some advantages to the ridiculous hours that you wake up/go to sleep.

If you have a very early start, you're finishing work while the unemployed are getting up from their slumber. A late finish means productive days. And a long lunch (three hours in this case) at a time when no one else is on their lunch break means 'things can get done'. The biggest plus however is that your going to and from work at a completely different time to everyone else, so cutting down on the commute.

Now that's shiftwork.

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