Saturday, 24 March 2007

Toons to make you cry

Anyone who has a short memory will not remember my posting a couple of weeks ago promising capsule reviews. Well, two of the DVD's have been viewed. And today, we wil talk about the beautiful Laputa.

Do not underestimate the cartoons of Hayao Miyazaki. Kid stuff, yes. But like everything from Japan, what is designed for children is played by adults. It's a cliche for movie maker wannabes to drool over Asian cinema and to love Manga/Animie etc but fuck it, I live the cliche lifestyle. And man, get the hankie's out, this is a tear jerker. I know it's only drawings but still, the story is emotional. And a two hour ride through this wonderful blend of fantasy and recent history makes a film that is worthy of so much more than the occasional Film Four viewing.

It is a beautiful film and I think a lot of people who don't watch a lot of animie will start to wonder if I have got half a brain left. It's each to their own, but it is a lot more entertaining than the pappy cartoons coming out recently. And yep, there is not a hint of CGI or any other computer techniques in this film, but the story is captivating and full credit to the voice actors who did a wonderful job of bringing out the characters. But full 'we're not worthy' chants must go to Hayao Miyazaki. The daddy.

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