Friday, 13 April 2007


For the uninitiated amongst the population, the Cricket World Cup is taking place in the West Indies. Wow, if only...but the fact that the actual games are on satelite tv means I have to go to a pub, wake up early in the morning to catch the highlights on normal tv or get the info off the net.

But Sri Lanka are doing pretty well. Second in the Super Eights, we should get through to the Quarter Finals. However, it won't be easy. Although we beat NZ yesterday, that doesn't mean we're superior. Although our batting is better than it was a few years ago, it still is our weak point and we are overdepndent on our fielding and fast spinners to produce the results.

But I won't moan too much. We're winning and we have a chance of getting to the finals and dare I say it, even winning it. It would be great to win, and it would surprise everyone just like 1996. All we got to do is get past Australia.

Oh dear.

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