Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Top Cities, Crap Towns

The Economist has done a survey on what they believe are the best cities in the world for quality of life etc, so all those suited peeps lording it in The City can send their staff to this or that place, safe in the knowledge that due to this latest guide, they can't be sued for almighty f-ups.

Of course, it doesn't work that way.

But let's play along. For anyone reading this, say in a week's time, you'll find the link 'disabled' unless you have premium subscription. As a bus driver, I fall into the 'pikey' category.

Where was I? Well, number one is Zurich. It's mountainous, monoethnic and Swiss so of course for fans of chocolates, dodgy bank accounts and cuckoo clocks it is one sweet place for business. Unsurprisingly my favourite place on Earth, Singapore, ranks fairly high too. What is surprising is London's fairly high ranking. Obviously this is the London that stretches from Chealsea to The Tower and the only part of South London (today's top stories). they saw is the South Bank Centre.

What is more surprising is that London ranks above Seoul, New York and amzingly is considered a better place than Hong Kong.

How is this possible!

Quite simply, the Economist never ventured to Croydon...

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