Friday, 4 May 2007

I like the trailer...Ok.

That last post was for the guys loving only Jay and Kay. For the guys that love me as well (noise of deafening silence penetrates the web), I will tell you a little about the trailer process.

So why do I do it? Apart from the obvious 'trailer factor', that all important publicity that can be more popular than your actual movie. Well, as an editor, it's a useful way to have a quick overview of the footage that's been shot. A lot of people make copies of the footage and then view it on the tv. Nah, can't be bothered transferring from camera to computer then doing another transfer to vhs so i can sit on the sofa. The lazy man...yeah, but also, I want to get straight down to the editing. Cutting a trailer flexes the fingers, gives a sense of reality to the mind. It's also good to fiddle and find out tricks with the software by accident.

So how much of the trailer footage ends up in the final product? Well, when I cut the trailer, I pick up the immediate stuff that jumps out at me. The funky shots, and in this case as I am doing a comedy, the funniest shots. And the trailer serves as a reminder to the 'funnier' shots to include in the real thing.

For CWP2, I reckon two-thirds of the trailer shots made it into the final version, in some form or another. But even the stuff that has made it in, I've fiddled with. So they may not be recognisable at first. And the rest, why left out. The main reason is that I found something that fits the chop better. When editing a trailer, I really don't delve that deep into the footage. But for the actual short, I will go through everything with a fine milk top. If something looks funnier, it goes in.

Ah and the other bugbear of the director, continuity. If I've spotted a boo-boo, someone else will. I know, it's only a comedy, but I do find it distracting, and so I got to make it look good. Thankfully you can get away with continuity with a bit of careful editing and cunning distraction.

There is also another one, fitting the sound. With budget equipment at the ready, sound isn't top of the list for perfection while filming. Of course, when editing you're cursing your own lack of indulgence for audiological receptors. And sometimes when mucking around with the sound, the picture has to change from the trailer edit.

But the trailer still gets the main point across. That Kay likes Jay. For some reason...part three will be coming hot on the heels of CWP2. And of course, I've already cut a trailer for that one.

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