Sunday, 20 May 2007

The morning news

Like many people of the 21st century, I no longer buy a newspaper. My main resource is the internet. In the mornings I get up and I look at the Beeb and The Guardian. That is my official daily news. I allso check out the news in my own backyard. Always good to see the fun that goes on. And then there is the analytical and then the Holy to read. I also enjoy flirting with the news from other parts of the world.

But all of these are bog standard news outlets. Some may have a local stance, but in the end, they are all fed from Reuters. What I really enjoy reading is the 'citizen journalists'. Blogs can be a fantastic source of information. I also enjoy citizen papers. And I've been a fan of Ohmynews for a while. It gives a different slant on the day's news. It's not all Blair and Bush, although it can be quite Korean biased as it is a Korean newspaper. This article explains the whole concept of citizen reporting better then I can.

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