Saturday, 26 May 2007

My favourite place...

...I've lived in London. Mmm, a tricky one. And obviously biased. I haven't lived all over the capital and my knowledge north of the river becomes decidedly hazy once I go past Camden Town. But it is an interesting question. What is my favourite part of the city that so many have decided to call home.


Waterloo 2000, a summer of fun and a dive of a flat but the rooms were huge and the rennts were cheap. Overlooking the Millenium Wheel, this was a location I could never forget. Opposite the tube (a South London luxury). Funky flatmates, long since dispersed and a landlord who preferred to be payed in cash. The only problem was that I was in the ultimate McJob as a burger flipper beneath the London Eye. Oh well, it could have been worse, and it was. Later on that summer, I got stuck in Sri Lanka's war zone, but that's a different story.

But there was no street life although the neighbours were cool (we actually talked to them) and the fact that we called out to women from our windows (still never got any) and there was nowhere nearby that was decent to shop - in other words a ride down to Brixton or Peckham for any decent food.

It's weird, what do we look for when we live somewhere. Good transport, local nightlife, where the best place to get vegetables are. But we rarely think of the neighbours or the fun that we could have. I wouldn't want to live in Waterloo now. But it is probably the most fun place that I've ever stayed at.

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