Wednesday, 30 May 2007

What's driving round London?

Well, here is my monthly observation on what is driving round the sides of London's big red buses. First up on the list of the adverts is Ocean's 13. There are a few Spidey posters up, but it's the return of the rat pack, and I know this sounds really bad for someone who is meant to like films, but until I saw the ads, I didn't know there was another sequel to the 'Ocean' series. Ooops. Looks like I'm not too clued up on what's happening. Thank goodness for advertising!

Secondly are the adverts dominating the fact that England is to follow the rest of the UK and go smoke free from July 1st. Yep, we're following the health advice and the Americans in slapping public smoking bans. It's a good idea, but most places are already smoke free, with the one obvious exception, the pub, for which this law was really aimed at. Broadly a good law but expect the police to arrest people for sparking up on the thresholds of public buildings as they are technically smoking 'in an enclosed public space'.

Interesting to note that last month's adverts was also dominated by government, at the time the Food Standards Agency telling us to eat less salt. Singapore (you can see I love this country), Norway and even Kiribati have invested their public funds into businesses, some countries with greater success than others, but all could be considered a wise approach to spending tax revenues. The UK decides to tell people to stop smoking and eating crisps as a more effective way to spend the public purse. Mmm.

With the sides of buses taken up on one side by propaganda from Whitehall and on the other side by sunshine from LA there doesn't seem to be much room for anyone else to jostle in and it was a tough choice to choose my third advert for the month. Nevertheless, the pink colours of 'lastminute' won. Still, I won't be going anywhere for a while...

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