Friday, 31 August 2007

Facebook: The Analysis

It has been a two or three months since I 'joined' the online community that is fast taking over the 'www' experience. And so, how is it been, what do I think about it and has it changed my life forever? Here is a little 'diary' of my facebook life so far.

Late May: Ugh, another birthday, another year where life has taken my balls and squeezed it without any pleasure. And what's this, facebook, will it really help my filming? Just look how great 'gimpspace' is. Oh well, might as well try.

Late May, 2am: Wow, 30 friends already, people who I have missed so much over the past few years that we were out of contact. Oooh, and poke, I wonder what happens with that. Wow, she still looks cute, so does she, eugh, what happened to her, she was fit the last time I saw her.

Early June: Ha, I've beaten my friend with the number of friends he has. Ha, ha. Oh wait a minute, he knows people in Vancouver, how? And this guy knows people in Bosnia, wtf was he doing over there. Oh, yeah, I remember you too, poke back.

Mid June: So, I checked my youtube account. Nothing, nada, not one increase in its paltry number of hits. What, don't these guys know that I am a film wannabe, I am their 'friend', why don't they give me their support? B'stards!

Late June: Mmm, maybe my profile picture isn't that good. Need to look more 'hunky'.

Late June, 3am: Stalking, no one must see me 'online'. Hehehe...

Early July: Woah, an Inbox, what's this about. Oh yeah, of course we'll meet up for a drink. Ah, the amber nectar, flowing down my throat. Sweet memories, such as cider over ice. Yeah, let's meet up. And I'll do the same with you, and you. Wow, Facebook is really helping my film career.

Early July, 2 days later: Mmm, I've done a little too much double booking. Cancel, cancel, cancel. Sorry guys, we're still friends? poke, poke.

Mid July: My wall is filled up by my friends' comments, but I phone these guys anyway. Where are all my other friends? I have fifty in this world and no one bothers to poke me anymore, waaaah!

Late July: Face what?

Early Aug: No, I don't want to be your friend. I only chatted to you, randomly, a couple of years ago because you were cute, but didn't have the guts to ask you out. The fact that you are now married and onto your second child means that I really have no interest in your so called pokes.

Mid Aug: Inbox. This guy is asking my if I know him. Do I care anymore?

Yesterday: Read in the paper that unions are asking companies to allow 'Facebook Time'. We live in a satisfying world.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Film Festival Tizzy!

The news that 'Caution Wet Paint' got into the Canary Wharf Film Festival sent El Maestro and myself into a tizzy!

Caution Wet Paint - Screening at the Canary Wharf Film Festival, London, September 13-17th. See you there!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A new beginning

Today marks a new beginning in the life of 'El Director'. This is the last day in my current McJob as a bus driver. The previous two years of my life have been filming intermingled with spouts of driving a double decker through the streets of South London. But today is the last day that I will be behind the wheel of a big red bus, hopefully forever.

I will miss the regular paycheques. The free pass (much under utilised) and believe it or not, the good company of my co-workers. However, although it is not a bad job, I will not miss it one bit.

So what does the future hold. I don't know. A lot of uncertainty and a lot of risk. Financially I am stepping into the unknown and the illusion But once again, the adventure begins...

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Rewarding Stupidity

It is true that in the UK we take life very dearly. Health and Safety Law has been one instrument of this and while many people bemoan its far reaching claws into modern life, the fact is that in many industries the value we place on human life has meant that death rates in the work place have fallen. The extension of the Jubilee Line in the late nineties is the perfect example of how construction, once a dangerous industry has become safe, and about time. Essentially death in the workplace is something that should never happen and it is thanks to Health and Safety that we have such a clean record in the UK.

So it is such a shame when stupidity kicks in throughout the general population. From my own experience, Friday and Saturday nights are when boys think they're invincible and will try to take on a double decker, thinking they have the might of Hercules. Either in their little 'sporty' cars or just by walking in front of you. The reality that 17 tons of steel and glass would flatten anything they throw at it really doesn't get through their brains, once a few jars of the amber nectar have lubricated the synapses.

Drunken stupidity makes a mockery of the efforts of many people to improve the safety and thereby the quality of lives around this country. Go to many parts of the world outside North America and Europe and there is a complete disregard for safety in the workplace or safety in general. And, especially if you're poor, there is a complete disregard for life.

But maybe people want to 'feel' some danger in their life, to make it 'worthwhile'. And also the punishments are so lax and the safety laws are still stringent that even if you are a complete muppet you will still live with a slap on the wrist.

Evolution, sometimes it's a good thing...

Monday, 27 August 2007

Bank Holiday Blues 3

Well, today is the day of reckoning. And there is nothing I like better than Carnival! But today I'll be ferrying the joyous ones to and fro their fundays.

I do enjoy Notting Hill. It is a Caribbean thing but over the years us Africans as well as the Latin Americans have joined in the party.

But the thing I love best is not the music or even the beanies, but the food. Oh yes, jerked meats, rice and peas, patties and dumplings galore as well as enough plantain to fill the largest of holes.

Mmm, I will miss the good life today.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Bank Holiday Blues 2

As the last Bank Holiday of the year, it is good to take something special from this weekend. And this is a weekend that is packed with festivities and things to do, without being laden with the religious symbolism of other Bank Holidays. In other words, the August Bank Holiday is as secular as it gets. And therefore it is a day designed for pure fun.

And it is fun. You get to see the general population drinking cider, getting stuck in traffic via relations' houses and shopping in their thousands on this last 'extra' day off.


It is fun!

But what have I, 'el director' been upto over the previous August Bank Holidays?

2003 - Working in China.
2004 - Holiday in Sri Lanka.
2005 - Carnival!
2006 - Working in London.
2007 - Working in London.

It has been fun!


Next year, I promise to have more fun.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Bank Holiday Blues 1

Well, it is the last Bank Holiday of 2007 until the Xmas period and so the long gap of Autumn finally begins. Looking out of the window today, it is deceptively sunny but cycling back last night through the fog, anyone could have been forgiven for thinking it was already winter.

And again, this Bank Holiday I am working in my McJob. Ferrying people who always seem to be having a far better time than me. And how, they are taking their Bank Holiday weekend with relish.

To recap the Bank Holidays of the Last Year:

Christmas Day '06 - Worked the evening of Christmas Eve and so the first two hours of Christmas Day. Rostered on.
Boxing Day '06 - Worked. Overtime.
New Years Day '07 - Worked. Overtime.
Good Friday '07 - Worked. Rostered on.
Easter Monday'07 - Rostered off - yey!
Mayday Bank Holiday '07 - Rostered off - yey!
Spring Bank Holiday '07 - Worked. Rostered on.
Summer Bank Holiday '07 - Working. Rostered on.

Yes, the pay is better, but how much of it do you actually see? Well, it never stopped me from volunteering for two of those Bank Holidays.

Working on Bank Holidays is a bit of a mixed batch. It can be good but sometimes, especially around Christmas it is pure chaos.

I wonder how next year's Bank Holidays will fare?

Friday, 24 August 2007


One of the bad things about driving the bus is the lack of toilet facilities on the route. Not all the toilets are open 24/7, although the bus routes now run all night. Not all of them are safe to go into with a cash tray and not all of them are in any state to do more than a number 1. And I am happy I can stand and use the lavvies.

It's at these times that you thank McDonalds for existing.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Crossings of the River Thames 4 - Teddington Lock Footbridge

For me, Teddington has to be one of the more fascinating parts of the river. Teddington itself has nothing much to offer the human species, apart from the fact that it is a nice enough suburb. But the river as it flows past Teddington is fantastic. Not so much for its charm or beauty, although it is a lovely spot, but for what it actually is.

But to the bridge first. It is a simple footbridge that links the merry suburb of Teddington with the less glamorous suburb of Ham on the 'South Bank'. Although as the river curves at this point Ham is actually on the eastern side of the river and Teddington is on its western side. For all keep fitters this is a great place to jog or cycle. This part of London is particularly lush and especially on the Ham side of the river there is parkland to enjoy as well as being close to Richmond Park. Oh, the joys of cycling along the Thames! Oh, happy memories! I must admit, getting to these crossings is half the fun and if you're a mudlover such as myself, then you will love the dirty, unpaved river bank that follows this lazy river towards the sea.

Except one thing. We have already reached the sea. Yep, from here on in we are no longer following a river but in fact we are now happily skipping along the coast, as defined by the Ordinance Survey. So get out your deckchairs and bathing suits as this is where the seaside fun begins.

You can call this part of the Thames the sea, a creek, an inlet or an estuary, but from here on eastward, this is the most famous part of 'The River'. Irony.

Teddington Lock itself is just slightly upstream from the footbridge. And when the lock is in full blast, it makes an amazing sound. A wall of water belching out from the upper reaches of the river towards the sea. I have been to far larger rivers but I am always impressed by the locks over the Thames and Teddington being the biggest of the lot impresses me the most. Size matters.

So this is the dividing line. The border. Artificially inserted. For the lock holds back the tide and so also holds back the influence of the PLA. If there was any denial of London's haphazard local government, the management of The River has to be a start. With rising sea levels, the tidal head would be a lot further upstream, possibly as far as Chertsey. But for now the imposing locks at Teddington keeps the tide at bay. And this is also the border between 'Plastic London' and 'Real London'. The classic poses of The Capital begin here. It gets a little less posh, a little bit more grimy and a lot more funky. Well actually, the river is still quite pleasant for the next few miles, but head 'inland' from the Tidal Thames and you get to see a little more in the way of 'Dutty London'.

But for now, you can enjoy life on the beach.

Getting there:

Bus routes 281, 285 and R68 all pass a stone's throw from the lock on the 'Northbank'. Route 371 passes a short walk away on the 'Southbank.

Nearest stations are Kingston and Hampton Wick (National Rail).

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Crossings of the River Thames - Continued

It has been a long time, but do not worry, I have not forgotten about my own little series about the Crossings of the Thames. In fact, it has been a very busy month and I wanted to do the next crossing, Teddington Lock, some justice, which is why I have delayed and delayed until the right moment to give it my fullest attention. To re-cap, and to re-edit the crossings of The River within London are (from west to east):

Hampton Ferry
Hampton Court Bridge
Kingston Bridge
Teddington Lock
Ham Ferry
Richmond Bridge
Twickenham Bridge
Richmond Lock
Kew Bridge
Chiswick Bridge
Barnes Railway Bridge
Hammersmith Bridge
Putney Bridge
Fulham Railway Bridge
Wandsworth Bridge
Battersea Bridge
Albert Bridge
Chelsea Bridge
Vauxhall Bridge
Lambeth Bridge
Westminster Bridge
Hungerford Bridge
Waterloo Bridge
Blackfriars Bridge
Millennium Bridge
Southwark Bridge
London Bridge
Tower Bridge
Rotherhithe Tunnel
Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Woolwich Ferry
Woolwich Foot Tunnel

(And that’s three ferries, three tunnels and twenty seven bridges to cross).

It’s a little re-edited from the original list and no doubt as I continue downstream I will discover more crossings, or scribble off those that have closed down to regular foot trade.

As I must reiterate, there is no Blackwalll Tunnel as this list only includes crossings that can be made by foot.


It remains to be seen if I can actually make it all the way to Woolwich, but I am still committed to this list. At the rate of one crossing a month, I still have over two years to complete this odyssey through the heart of London. See you when I’m thirty?

Monday, 20 August 2007


Go away, your voice annoys me! Shut up, your voice is bloody annoying! I hear it, in my head, everywhere! Go away, leave me alone! I hear you, never ending! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Why do you haunt me, I already heard you once! Go away you annoying person! Leave me alone! Couldn't you hear me the first time, no I will not repeat myself. Shut it! You vicious person, never ending with you stuipid voice! I hate it, shut up!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

kiss, kiss - bang, bang

Would I have it any other way? Probably not. Would I have chosen a different method? Probably. SHould I still be doing this? Definitely not? Will I listen to common sense? No.

Some of the questions that flow around the cesspit of my mind on a daily basis. Personallly, I blame the vast quantities of cider that I drank when I was younger and more suburban.


Waking up in the morning/Feeling the Twitches/Raiding the Off Licence/Pissing in your trousers.

Then drinking 'Cider' on Ice. Cider, as good as it gets...


Saturday, 18 August 2007

kiss, kiss - get over it!

All right. It's Saturday. The first of two days of rest and relaxation. Or not. In fact, the weekends have never been relaxing for me. You get to a certain stage in your life when you officially take those weekends off. You do go to the park to chill out with cider, you do go off to museums or other fancy places, you relax.

As I have said before, I am not normal. I don't do this king of thing.

But then again, get over it 'El Director'! You've chosen this, so deal with it!

(El Director sighs).

If there is one thing that lousy Friday nights have taught me, it is that there is only so much you can drink before it gets a bit samey. Yeah, it's fun to chill and party but if you've been doing it since 16 (pah, 18?) then after a decade or so it is all the same. Boring.

(Incidentally, I haven't experienced the 'fresh air' of the non-smoking pub, yet).

But I really do have to get out more. And not just to the post office. All work and no play makes 'El' a very dull boy, and so there is a lot less to write about. Still, at least my ideas aren't limited to a bunch of guys in the pub/club or for something a bit more refined, the coffee bar.

No, if there is one thing Fridays have taught me, it is this.

Cider is really crap.

Friday, 17 August 2007

kiss, kiss - its friday!

(I had a little help on this one)

Just think, tonight is Friday night. Woo-hoo. Drinks at the bar, a lady in each hand and wriggling your hips and boogie-ing away until a dawn a little less ordinary and a palette a little less moist...


I am not normal. This is quite clear (especially to those who know me). While the rest of the world, tonight, will be off and celebrating at the bar, I will lock myself up in my home in order to burn countless DVD’s to send to various film festivals and agents etc. Later on in the night I will meet up with some family in order to discuss ‘business possibilities’ before rolling into bed and getting ready for work on Saturday morning.

While it may seem that I had a youth mis-spent on the joys of drinking cider in Worcester Park, the fact is that my ‘fun’ was really in fits and bursts. There were reasons for this, but the fact is that I always noticed that everyone else around me was having more fun than me, getting better grades than me and eventually getting paid more than me. I actually spent most of my time faffing away, spending far too much time on computers playing video games and occasionally writing pap. In essence, while guys I knew were getting lucky and panicking over slipped condoms, I was writing stories about fairy tale characters and people I saw on the street while sitting on the bus.

As I said, I am definitely not anything quite like normal.

It seems I am not as alone as I first thought. There are a few people like me. People who wish to go beyond the normal so they can be a little more than...well, more than Friday night. But is it good for us to spend all those Friday nights cooped up inside our little hovels, only seeing the light of day for mcwork?

It’s hard. It’s been a long day and writing this kind of a post is tricky. At times leading a life where you are attempting something so ridiculous can be inspiring and refreshing, especially when you believe that there is a hope in what you do and maybe, just maybe in a few years time, all the funk will be yours. Flip the coin though and you think, can I do it? Am I able to achieve? Or should I quit now and try something sensible, something more lucrative and something that would actually give me a Friday night.

Maybe if I had his brain I could have done something by now. But unfortunately I spent too much time here and now I am playing catch up. Well, maybe one day all that dreaming and all that wandering around might actually pay off. But to those out there enjoying their Friday night, I salute you and will tell you one thing.

Cider is crap.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Pop, pop, pop...

It came in the post, this morning. A spindle of DVD's, manufactured in Japan to the highest standards that a 'professional' like myself could want. One hundred, a ton, a century of blank DVD's. Unadulterated by a matt finish. Just one side of dye the other, a shiny metallic finish on which a 'sharpie' can be used to inscribe the precious text, © Babarouge...

But the best thing about this spindle of joy? The bubble wrap that enclosed it all. Ah, the fun you can have with bubble wrap!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Morning Tinkle

You lie in bed, awake. The sunlight drifting through the window. You hear the traffic passing outside, the sound numbed by the cheap double glazing. You turn, a feeling that has begun at the base off your abdomen has spread throughout the body. You try to ignore it. You realise you need more than just four hours sleep.

You drift in and out of consciousness. Dreams of the night before, memories from the past and the plain weird drift into your mind. You strain your eyes close, you think, just five more minutes. But it is no use, the body takes over.

You stumble out of bed. Blinded by sleep and short sightedness. You arrive at the door of the convinience. And you turn the handle.

'Oi, p**s off! I'm having a dump!'

And you realised, you got out of bed for nothing,

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Film Festival Success!

It's early days yet, but CWP's specially made short for the film festival circuit has had it's first taste of success right in the heart of Sunny Poplar, the home of all milky fun!

We'll be having our world-wide preview of the short 'What Really Happened at The Bus Stop' at the Canary Wharf Film Festival in East London in Mid-September. Details will be announced shortly, but I hope to see you all there with plenty of milk and giggles.

I like you...

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Cider - As good as it gets?

Driving around London recently I have been seeing adverts for a certain cider brand. I will not grace them with free link, but suffice to say that if you go out on a regular basis than you know what I am talking about. A poster with a bunch of 'hip, young, thangs' in a bar somewhere laughing, drinking cider with a 'catchy' slogan along the lines of:

'Cool mates/ wonderful bar/ fantastic company/ Cider on Ice'.

Great imagination. Could have only beenn though by a bunch of advertising agents (you'll appreciate this only by the 7th minute).

I am not a cider fan. I am a light-weight anyways, but cider has never been a tipple of mine. Not since I was fourteen and had an unpleasant experience with the sweet stuff in a recreation ground in Worcester Park. You see, we were just before the 'Hooch Generation' and so to experiment on drink and to avoid vomit, cider was the most palatable thing to our young tastebuds.

Which is all the more surprising why cider is seeing a rise in popularity today. Guys, have you actually tasted it? It may have become a fashionable thing to drink, but doesn't the memory of spew in parks spring to mind?

Back to the poster. You see a bunch of young, pretty, thangs drinking cider. Trying to look fashionable. Fact of the matter, I've seen you guys on a Friday night. You ain't pretty, you're looks are fading fast and the smell of cider on your breath puts you in the same league as the pikeys on the street corner.

Mmm, that reek of cider...

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Look up in the sky...

While cycling back last night I noticed a fair few meteors streaking across the sky. I haven't seen them since I was in Xinjiang, around three years ago. It's something about the urban night sky that we really don't get to notice a lot is the beauty of it all.

There is nothing like gazing up at the stars and actually seeing the shapes of constellations come into focus. I many nights in different locations just gazing up at the night sky and watch it slowly roll away as the night progresses. It's reallly wierd when you doze off and wake up so seeing the stars jump in their positions.

It is one of the advantages of working such ridiculous hors. To see the world in a very different way from the rest of the city. So try it, look up tomorrow night. You might begin to enjoy it.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Caution Wet Paint and the Kung Fu Pizza Guys!

I have been looking forward to this CWP since I first came up with the idea! Out of all the adventures with Jay and Kay, this is probably my favourite one. Enjoy!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

On the side of my bus is...

It's that time of the month again, when I take a look at the adverts on the sides of the buses in London.


It has been a dull month for adverts. And not one campaign has dominated the double deckers. They seem as individual as the drivers that poodle across London. But a few have sprung to mind in July as slightly memorable adverts for unmemorable products. Of course, Harry Potter 5, Die Hard and The Simpsons have shown that summer iis here but I'm not biting. Spiderman 3 stung me too badly as well as last year's dire cinematic offerings.

So, what else has tried to convince me to part the cash in my wallet from my own wallet? Well, banks for one. Lots of them. Insurance, a few of them and deoderant companies. The recent spate of sunshine has meant optimism for certain cosmetic companies and hope from the fellow commuters that the big smelly guy decided to use some this morning.


It's been a long night.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Ah, um, er...

Yeah, erm, see, well...

Right, so, okay, well, I was...


It isn't easy thinking of something new to write on a daily basis.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Retiring from The Firm

I thought I would give it a few weeks until I wrote this one.


Radio TfL keeps us company 24 hours a day, 364 days a year (we still shut down for Xmas) with tales of woe, joy and amusement to keep us buses merrily on the road.

So, it came as a surprise last month when 'Steve' announced himself on the radio. We don't know the names of the ladies and gentlemen who run the broadcasts of London's transport network, so I pricked up my ears when he did announce his name, and so splashing someone in the process (ah, how I miss the monsoon).

It was his retirement from the job that he was announcing. Yep, 'Steve' was leaving the airwaves for good and was going to enjoy a retirement feast of...well, whatever he has planned.

Radio TfL does keep us entertained. The panic strickened messages when on diversion to 'look out' for low bridges and trees. The usual messages every night about the 'Little Angels' of the capital and their joy in throwing 'missiles' at passing buses (why not at 4x4's?). And tonight a classic. One of the support vehicles from a South London garage had been stolen, and the guys at Radio TfL were asking the drivers to 'have a look out' for both the van and the thieves.

Well 'Steve' it was also a pleasure working with you. You've done your best to keep us out of trouble and were there at the end of the line whenever we needed a 999 and a friendly voice. And thanks for keeping us smiling while driving through the streets of London.

Monday, 6 August 2007

The year so far...

On the 31st of December 2006, I was off and away playing video games at the science museum. I then went off to LA in January and the year was looking surprisungly optimistic. I had got over the worst of the chikungunya and was ready to face all the challenges of film making.

Eight months down the line, my first thought is 'eh?' Guys, where the hell has 2007 gone? It's less than five months until 2008 appears. I though 2006 was fast, but 2007 is hurtling away. And I don't feel I have achieved anything worthwhile this year. All right, so I have approached agents and grant bodies with scripts and proposals. I have had modest success over the internet with the CWP series. But what has been physically achieved this year.

Unfortunately the frustrating thing about film making is the seemingly stand-still aspect of the 'industry'. You can do so much and yet receive very little in terms of achievement, materially or otherwise. Annd you are dumbfounded with what to do next.

I have just had four days off. And where have they gone. It's not like I've been out for pleasure and in fact have packed in so much into these four days. But now going back to MC Monday Job, it just feels like 'eh?'

Well, roll on 2008!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Nayagan (Tamils and their Movies)

We Tamilians have a long cinamatic heritage and just like our more famous cousin in the North of India, we too churn out the films at a fantastic rate. We haven't yet gone down the snore path of the rest of the Indian film industry...

And we have some fantastic films from the past. Classics that barely get the recognition, the usual Tamil story. However, at least India aallows us to express ourselves and our culture, unlike the motherland. But enough politics (a hard thing when discussing Tamil movies) and off to our famed movies.

I remember first seeing Nayagan when in Sri Lanka. I only remember the first scene and then the rest I didn't see, probably because I was only eleven or so at the time. As I delved more and more into films I knew that this would have to be one of the top Tamil movies on my list. Of course, when your with family, you're going to watch only the latest hits on your pirated DVD's. Also, Nayagan is fairly hard to get in this country or on the net. Unless you wander round Tooting on a regular basis, then getting Tamil films to watch is a difficulty. But those who know me well know how much I love Jaffna upon Wandle so it is no problem for me to get a hold of these films.

Enough has been said about this classic so I will not delve into it. But by the end of this movie, I was touched. It is quite simply a beautiful story, set in the steamy metropolis of Bombay (Mumbai came along in the 1990's) and highlighting the story of one Tamil man and how life in contemporary India had affected him.

As a treat, enjoy the Holi festival from the film.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Finishing procrastination (7)

With so little time on my hands, it is natural that I would further procrastinate by making my own little series of videos to post on the net so thhat I could further enrich my procrastination time. There was the fun and frollics of Jay and Kay's first meeting at a throughly wet bus stop. In fact there are two versions of it but only one has been posted up on the net. Then there was the whole introduction to milk and all things funkily related to it.

But my favourite is still to come. As you can see, I like a good dance, I like a good laugh, but as of yet, Jay and Kay have not yet had a good fight. Yet..

Friday, 3 August 2007

Back to the procrastination (6)

I love a good song in a film. And although some of these 'tracks' may lay dubious title to the word 'song' (due to the lip-sync), I don't care. I love procrastinating by watching these babies.

What is the greatest musical ever to grace the silver screen? Such a debate will reverberate throughout the ages, but surely a contender must be the Lightning. What a great fifties throwback. Or maybe we should try something else from 1950's America! Such classics are a rare treat nowadays.

Of course, everyone knows what my Favbourite Things are. Some may be surprised to learn that I also enjoy trekking in the outback to get my thrills, but trust me, Priscilla is a great gal!

But may favourite song from a movie has to be from India. Fantastic song along with fantstic moves. Classic.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Ha, ha, you're procrastinating! (5)

Comdey is a personal and peculiar thing. What one person may find funny another will find absolutely boring. Making someone laugh is an art of refinement and language and is probably more difficult than any other type of film making.
So it was hard to share the clips that I find funny. I do have some obscure tastes. Nevertheless, I do procrastinate by watching these clips. Anything to avoid doing something useful.

There are thousands of comedy clips on the net. Take your pick and probably parts of your favourite film are on there. Who can forget the classic scene from Ghostbusters when Bill Murray launches into his attack on the Mayor in convincing him that only the four of them can save humanity as they know it. New York is also the location of another comedy clip. I know I my masculinity will be questioned for it but I liked Hitch, partly due to the comedy duo but mostly due to the fact that Eva Mendes appeared in it. Maybe I might catch 'Ghostrider'.

Oh, and I had to stick in a pure Motherf***er moment. Quality film.

But my favourite comedies and by extension comedy clips come from lands that do not speak English. The Miracle of P. Tinto and Black Cat White Cat. You'll only get the clips if you've watched the films. In the first one, the Commies were never so cool and in the second I wish I was as cool as this Old Timer.

This series of delay tactics will reappear on Friday.