Thursday, 27 September 2007

Am I okay?

Thanks for asking.

Yes, I have been a bit emotional this week. But there is a good reason for that. I have just finished writing a script. I dived into this one in the middle of August, completed the first draft just before the CWFF. I had my comedic moment at the festival before returning back to the script and rewriting the whole thing in a week. Caution Wet Paint is the exception to the rule. Most of my stuff focuses on the fragility of life, the links between love and death (I love putting the two together) and I set these stories using the more 'funky' parts of London, way off the tourist trail (for a reason).

I put a lot of myself into these scripts. In terms of characters and experiences as well as locations. I can feel the people in these stories, I can talk to them.

Am I unbalanced?

Good question. It has to be said that finishing these stories, putting a conclusion onto the lives of these characters can numb you. Especially when you have to leave them for a while to concentrate on something else. No matter how bad they are, you know them so well. Not just what they say, but what they look like, the smell they have, their favourite foods, their little quirks, the little mannerisms that makes them leap off the page. It's not easy to say goodbye.

This particular story were of some guys who weren't too nice (they were from South London) but who were just ordinary people you would see everyday. Although they were unpleasant in their actions, they had the same hopes and fears like you and me. People aren't born bad, there is no such thing as an arch villain. I believe that we have it in us to become the very best or the very worst of humanity. It may be comforting to think that people are evil, it makes us feel safe. It's the choices we make. Ultimately, we have that capacity to choose. That's probably more scary, to take responsibility rather than blame others. And that's one of the themes I wanted to get out in this story.

Hopefully you all begin to see why this has been an emotional week for me.

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Will Tribble said...

Aw fair does. Bah I need to write some more. I find the best way to get inspiration is think of what you can do practically and then write a story around that...