Monday, 10 September 2007

Film Fiestas (2)

El Director's first film festival it seems will not go off that smoothly. There are plans that were in motion long ago which means that the sudden and unexpected rearing of a film festival has put one huge spanner in the works.

At this moment in time I am lucky enough to have the free time in which to visit all the festival dates. And if things go smoothly I will hopefully be popping up in more areas of the festival than the screenings. It all depends on the 'smoothness' of it all.

I have been to a fair few festivals in the past, but this is the first one that I will hopefully be participating in a more than audience type way. But I have to make some preparation for this. Business cards are of the order, something that I never realised until I was invited to a soiree last year. Of course, being a writer/director, I am not really good in the company of loads of cocky actors, but it was a good learning curve. I also got to have press packs at the ready, an essential tool with which to communicate with the audience and loads of DVD's. It is important to be media friendly, and really, I am there to sell myself to the audience.

The audience. Yep, this is what worries me. Audiences are always a worry and that is because you make a film to entertain them. And the audience of a film festival are those that are in the know. A lot of them are like me, wannabe film makers. Some of these guys are really nice, but some can be plain awful - this business makes you bitter. There are also journalists, people who have already made it in some form or capacity and the festival organisers - even more nerve wracking as these are people in the know and you can't pull the wool over their eyes. There is very little that you can blag. To quote, don't bullshit a bullshitter.

And this is my first time in front of an audience. Not once but twice on both Thursday and Saturday. So it could be double the pleasure or double the pain. I don't know how to tackle this, but it will be an interesting time.

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