Friday, 21 September 2007

Inspired by Saaath London

I love South London. After being born in one of its not so funky suburbs, there really wasn't much choice. Either stick with it or head up north to the wilderness known as North London. In fact, I was there again today and I could not help but admire how functional everything is over that way. Also, the sheer proliferation of tube stations is a delight to anyone with a fetish for all things Harry.

But I really don't know that side of the city very well. That and West London, another part of town which completely stumps me. The East End, after living there for half a decade, has really shaped my writings and my 'lifestyle choice'. But it is South London, with its dour mood and oh so grey skyline that has really inspired me to write more than anything else. And, not surprisingly, most of the 'shots' that I collect are from South of the River.

It is the writing that drives me to do all the rest. And I am editing one delicious tale of woe and funk from the heart of South London. Let us see where it takes me...

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