Saturday, 22 September 2007

Wake up in the morning and-

-aaaah! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fucking chair, what the fuck is that doing there! Ah, pain, agony, pain, agony! Fucking chair, who put that piece of shit there!

I am in sooo much fucking pain. Fuck, fuck, fuck, my fucking foot - fucking agony, ouch. My shitty little toe has hit the fucking chair, Arrrrgh! Fucking chair, fucking toe! Smack chair, fucker, I'll brake the fucking thing!

Bollocks, the fucker's now bleeding. That's it, flip flops and sandals for the next week like some sissy. Bollocks I have no flip flops or sandals. I can't wear boots and defnitely no trainers, so how the fuck am I going to go outside? Shit, fuck, shit, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Put the fucker under water. Ow, that pain hasn't gone.

Punch wall, punch wall. Harder, harder, no, pain is still there. Ow, now my knuckles fucking hurt! Fuck, fuck, fuck! WHy does this pain have to exist.

Shitty little toes, shitty fucking chairs and shitty fucking life!

Ow, ow, ow!

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