Thursday, 11 October 2007

Community Leaders

In today's 'multicultural Britain' there always has to be a news report, somewhere, somehow about how ethnic minorities are screwing up this Great Britain. Crime is up, blame the blacks. Bombs are found, blame the Asians. Unemployment is high, blame the Poles. The Chinese don't really get a look in, but I'm sure in ten years time when China becomes a superpower there will be stories about Chinese bogeymen sleeping under your bed.

What then happens is that a 'community leader' is wheeled out by the press to reassure the English that the world is safe, multiculturalism is wonderful and don't worry, we do not venture beyond Zone 6. Your world is safe.

But I have to ask one question, especially to those from an ethnic background.

Have you actually met your community leader?

Who are these people anyway?

Man, I demand to see who my community leader is! And also, do I get a choice of two leaders? What makes these guys (note, they are never women) a representative, a mouthpiece for a group of people. Was there an election that I missed, did my community inform me, or is this an appointed position?

And who is the community leader of the English? Or the Scots or the Welsh or even the Irish? How come those guys don't have one. Nor do the Dutch, French or even the Spanish? But all the Muslims in the UK have one and so do all the Black people (that lumps together Africans and Carib beans).


There is something very tribal about this whole idea of a 'Community Leader'. I think it goes back to the misguided subject of Anthropology. As an Archaeologist, I have very little respect for those guys who takes everything from Zones 1-6 as a zoo. And it stems that anyone who is more than slightly tanned, has to be part of a tribe. Instinctively, they can't perform in 'advanced forms of government' but they instead have a loyalty to a 'Big Man'. And if we can deal on some level with this 'Community Leader' then the tribe can be 'tamed'.


Some examples to ponder.

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