Friday, 12 October 2007

Haggis Tripping

I want to be weird and strange in what I write. I want to be twisted and kinky in what I post. And most of all, I want to laugh in a high pitched manner. This makes me feel good about my self. It makes me feel powerful, dominant. Ethereal, and baby, it turns me on.


Am I going nutty like the beaver?

Do beavers eat nuts?

And why haven't I mentioned milk in such a long time.

I don't know!


Yeah and I want to scream in a high pitched voice while grabbing the area around my navel, dancing and skipping amongst the public like a happy man with his not-so-happy-meal (phew, got away with the trademark issues). Taking off my hat and rubbing salt into the pores of my eyes to sweat out the impurities that exist in these plasma ducts. And finally I want to smile at everyone that drops pennies into my scarf now lying on the pavement.


I ate haggis yesterday.

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