Friday, 19 October 2007

The mutton roll man

Go to any Sri Lankan shop early morning and at round 10am you will see a bunch of half starved Ceylonese looking up and down the road, waiting for a sign of hope. Many of these Sri Lankans have probably started their shift early that morning, many have come off night duty and a few may be retired. But they all have the same gleam in their eye. And they are waiting for their special treat.

And here he comes, driving a silver honda. It may not be much, but in the boot of his car is a bounty so delightful that half the diaspora have travelled from miles around just to get him. Hot, fresh and filled with the spice and memories of the motherland, despite all our infighting, tsunamis and bickering, the goods that this simple man delivers have kept us going through think and thin. They have also contributed to many a heart attack along the way.

But health hazard or not, come 10am, the roads around every Sri Lankan shop comes alive with the joyous sigh from our collective tastebuds. the mutton roll man has delivered. And it is mighty tasty.

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