Saturday, 6 October 2007

Winter is upon us

It becomes more difficult as the days become shorter to be inspired by the surroundings known as London. Home to eight million people, the largest in the EU as well as being its top financial centre, the coming of winter actually adds a downer to the processes of the city.

At 51N, we are far north of any decent place on this planet. It does mean glorious summers and equally inglorious winters. And winter is firmly gripping this flat island in the north east Atlantic.

And as the jobs have changed, I am doing a lot more early mornings. This means getting up in pitch black ad eating breakfast with the curtains closed and the central heating at full blast. Brrr.

However, before Christmas, it is actually bearable. There is something nice, Christmassy in the air. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am a big kid, but the air in the city before Xmas is actually quite cool. In every sense of the world. The cold air coupled with the spring in the step actually makes the beginning of winter, fun.

But, come January...

Anyway, we have a few months left before that kicks in.

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