Thursday, 22 November 2007

Going Overground - London Overground 4: Clapham Junction

So onto our final station South of the Thames on the London Overground network, and the busiest in Europe - Clapham Junction.

And yet again, there is not much re-branding going on here. We in fact have very little sign on the outside that anything has changed in this particular corner of South London.

But there is one major event to trumpet. It is the very first time that Clapham Junction has actually apeared on the tube map. And yes, this is a big wow. Suddenly, those who are completely lost around London (the tourists) can now head to the heart of South London and watch the trains go to every destination possible. Unfortunately for the tourists, the London Overground does not specify the service frequency on the branch to Clapham Junction.

It is a bit weird to think that the most inconvinient way to get to a commuter hub such as Clapham has actually been highlighted on one of London's more iconic symbols. Oh well, I suppose there are worse icons to loose.

And so goodbye Silverlink. You were absolutely shit and for ten years we had to put up with what was nothing more than a piss-take. You've made your profits so bye-bye. And so hello London Overground. It is going to be an interesting few years but life certainly looks far more optimistic. But one thing, please increase the frequency of your services. A train every half an hour to Clapham J. is simply dire!

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