Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Not one for the children

We men are always befuddled by the language of women. When they want some help, they tell us otherwise. When they are happy they weep and when they are upset, they get on with life as if normal. Women are a complete enigma to men and so perhaps it is why we usually wallow in the self-pity of the internet.

However, it may surprise some men to discover that women are often completely confused by what men say. Sometimes they do not seem to understand our motives and our own feelings. And so, in the spirit of kindness, I have decided to lend a helping hand and I have deciphered the key phrases which seem to confuse women the most:


Actually, we are the ones that need help. For you see women think about the sensible things like turning on the heat, putting food on the table and practicalities such as cleaning up. Guys just get hungry. And when full, just think about sex. Just think how backward we would be as a civilisation if men did not have the guiding hand of women dangling the carrot of gratification in front of us.


We need some serious help.

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