Thursday, 15 November 2007

What Twickenham Bridge?

Oi, where did all my photos for Twickenham Bridge go? I posted them up quite happily to blogger, but they seem to have disapeared into the black hole of, well, of something. Over the past 48 hours, one by one, the photos have disintergrated off the internet. So here is a re-posting of the best of Twickenham Bridge:

Cycling down the Thames, we come to Twickenham, Bridge, the first inclination of London's 1930's car boom:

And one for the water rats, to tell them exactly where they are:

And yes, this really is a 40 mph briddge - a rarity in London. Feel the need for speed...

Standing on Twickenham bridge, I look upstream. I can see in front of me, Richmond Railway Bridge and a little further on, Richmond Bridge itself:

And looking downstream, we see Richmond Lock Footbridge, the third bridge over the river to be named after Richmond:

But back to the task in hand. Wonderful 1930's engineering. The bridge self adjusts for a heavy load or the heat and was an innovation at the time:

And one for those bloody cyclists who zip in and out of traffic as if they own the road. Wankers:

And to all my readers, this blog will be getting more geeky next week...

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