Saturday, 17 November 2007

Writer's Block

Writer's block - It is the time that all writers dread. When suddenly you are looking at the computer screen or at the piece of paper and nothing comes out. You could be there sitting for an hour, just staring blankly at the screen or doodling in the corner of the page. What you have already written is there and you know in your head where you want the story to go. But there is nothing coming out. A few words, an unfinished sentence. But overall, nothing is actually being added.

It is really frustrating as normally I do not approach the writing of a script in the same way as a blog or an article, I know roughly, where I want the story to go. But sometimes, no matter how hard you think, you cannot overcome the dreaded block.

Thankfully, writer's block is a rare thing for me, but it does happen. The sequence of events leading up to a block are completely random and there really is no explanation for it. Sometimes the mind just does not want to do this.

And I become absolutely miserable when it happens. For me, writer's block puts me in one foul mood. I do not care about the world or what is going on, all I can think of is my own personal frustration.

A lot of you may say, why be upset, it is only writing. Well, let me tell you it is crippling not to be able to write. Similar to an athlete who has been injured. You can tell that athlete to rest, but that person wants to get back on his/her feet as quickly as possible. Likewise for me, I want to get writing as quickly as possible. It is not as if I am out of ideas.

If I knew a method in which to cure writer's block, I would bottle it and sell it for a fiver, and that would be a way to riches. Unfortunately, I don't. I have to ride it out. Most of the time, it only lasts a couple of weeks, but at times it has lasted for a couple of months. These events are uncontrollable. And unfair - I hate it when the block comes on, but I got to lump it and continue doing other things.

The foul mood continues

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