Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Caution Wet Paint - Past, Present and Future?

For me, Caution Wet Paint has been the surprise hit of 2007. Out of all my creations, it was the one that I did not know what was going to happen to it. Any regular follower of this blog however would know that it has been my strongest performer to date in all the film festivals.

The idea for Caution Wet Paint is around two years old. Living in Poplar, it is easy to be inspired by my surroundings. The sights and sounds in this little less known neighbourhood gave me a few ideas. Also, and from my output so far, it is probably hard to believe, but my scripts to tend towards the filthy in terms of violence and swearing. So I wanted to make something without any sex, drugs, bad language or violence of any kind. A kind of challenge to my mind, but it has also happened to be a rather useful marketing tool. It's a fluke, but 'cleaning up' the scripts have allowed more people to actually watch the series.

When I first put pen to paper, there were two people in particular that I had in mind as the actors. Ari Gill and Kuldip Nandola. Now normally, I don't write anything for actors. As a director I have a natural disdain for those that are more beautiful than myself. Also, most actors have a bigger ego than me - a complete no-no. (There is only one El Director) However, I first met Ari and Kuldip on the set of my feature, An East End Tale and while it was a fluke that they were cast in the same scene, there was something about their on screen chemistry that captivated me. And from that moment on, I realised that together, they would make a great comic duo.

So enthused with a pair of top actors and of course, a huge amount of funky beats, I set off making the madness of the paint.

So how do I see 'Jay' and 'Kay' develop? Well, Caution Wet Paint was actually a feature film that I had written and so the shorts were designed to act as prequels to the script. However, since making the shorts, the script has been rewritten and so has bounced of that short series. Yes, I do want to get funding for the feature length.

And of course, what about Jay and Kay in the meantime? Well, it looks like I can't resist the pull of two of my favourite creations. My two little babies are like a couple of naughty kids running around inside of my head. They are coming back, soon...

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