Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Music and Movies 4

Two Glasses.
is a very different film from all the others I have made. Firstly it contains no dialogue. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I can talk. Secondly, the film explores the topic of infidelity. To explore such a subject without the aid of dialogue was a huge challenge.

And Two Glasses is one of the main reasons why I wanted to share this series of shorts with you all. I hope to convey what I believe is the importance of a great composer and a powerful soundtrack in order to make great movies. You can treat your actors like dirt, shout at your crew, but always love your composer. It will be that person that carries your film.

Nick and myself have actually had quite a long professional relationship. Our first project was in 2005 and in the past two and a half years we have worked on a feature film as well as countless shorts together. In terms of the film business, 36 months is a virtual lifetime. For someone with as much volatility as myself (El Director is EVIL), it is a miracle that we have worked together for so long.

One of the reasons I enjoy working with Nick is his sense of originality. During this series, you have hopefully gathered that one of the aspects of Nick’s music is that he is willing to explore numerous influences to come out with compositions that fit the mood of my films perfectly. Also, his background as a jazz musician has given him the ability to improvise. Useful if you give him a week to come up with music. Not that I ever do that...much.

Another reason why I also have a great deal of respect for Nick is that he, like myself is a writer. I use words, he uses notes, but I am able to understand the passion he has for his creations. Likewise, Nick understands the importance in which I hold my own scripts. I think that it is this background in both of us that has developed a successful partnership in making movies and music come together.

So I give you El Maestro and his rendition of Two Glasses.

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