Saturday, 1 December 2007

wi fi, smy fi

Wireless communications, in my opinion is a bit over rated.

Yep, it’s that time of the year again when the internet does not work. We are meant to live in a modern, hip society where everything glistens on the tip of my mobile. We are at the forefront of the internet revolution. Everything from banking to our own sexual activity is regulated by the ‘www’.

We have now adapted to the idea that I can sit downstairs and your modem could be in your attic and yet there is perfect streaming of the latest webisode of who/whatever is produced from the otherside of the Atlantic.

Remember, we were also the last generation to own a computer without access to the internet. For us it was quite normal to have a PC that ran itself without software updates, just bumbling along on whatever was given with it. Even computer games were buy in the box ad play by yourself rather than networking opportunities.

So it is very annoying, after having got used to the comfort of sitting down when your computer and modem no longer talk to each other. Then all of a sudden, you have to sit next to your phone line, find a wire and plug it into your computer. Suddenly, the future is not so bright...

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