Thursday, 31 January 2008

Le Tourist

Right it has come to that time of the month again. Too many e-mails in my Inbox, too many pieces of paper flying around and too many things to do. I like it and yet I despise it. Order is not the word of the day, my work space looks like the middle of a Friday night in Leicester Sq. and I do not know where to start first. Add to that the shitty necessity of having to go to McJob the next day.

Once this week is over, I am off on a trip somewhere, sunny and far. Probably that means a visit up to town - it has been a while since I have felt like a tourist and I need to know what it is like to actually go out again.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Vassals and Glamour

Where was I? Oh yes, the glamorous lifestyle of a radio presenter/freelance writer being interrupted by the economic necessities of a McJob to cover the shortfalls. Ugh, man. It feels so surreal. I, like many others often ask the question 'why?' Why bother with trying to achieve the dizzying heights. Is it the fame, hell yeah! Is it the fortune, of course! But let me be realistic. It would be easier to do something more glamorous like, well, anything but writing/directing. After all, I have picked the most arsehole of careers.

However, it is not about the fame and glamour. The reason why I do this is because I write,r I 'create' these babies of mine, and I want to see them on the big screen. Fame and glory means one thing; that people are actually paying to watch these creations. And yes, I do want that. After all, I do not write in a cocoon, but to express these ideas and thoughts to a greater world.

An interesting question. Are these my thought and my ideas? Or, as one man put it, are we merely vassals?


These blogs will get less random as the week progresses.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Wow, where's the year gone?

Fuck, it's nearly February, already a month of the New Year has gone.

Fuck, I can't remember where the month has gone. Not for want of drink or drugs, just because it has been so busy.

And yet, what have I got to show for it? Nada, zip, zero, nothing.

You might have noticed, but these blog postings have been very thin on the ground. That's partyly due to the amount of rushing I have had to do.

Oh well.


February, Lent, Summer, bloody hell. I better get something soon from all this rushing.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

What a show!

To all those who managed to listen tonight, wow, wow, wow. It is so wierd, but it was just amazing, sitting in the chair, listening to great beats, chatting about my favourite movies and talking on air to like minded people as well as decicating to various peeps. Wow. I can really get used to this lifestyle.

And then tomorrow I go back to McJob.

Ugh, mama. The things I do do try and get a living out of this. Well, one day, it will happen.

For now, I'll leave you with a little something I played earlier...

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Toss it up!

It was a tough choice for this week's playlist. After all, with only a certain amount of time in the week, I can only watch so much movies. However, it is a 'job' that I very much enjoy.

So listen in on Sunday at 5pm (GMT) to NuSound 92 FM for the 'Movies and Music' show. Here you will hear the very best that the Sub-Continent's movie industry has to offer.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Atkins Road 2008

Last year, I came up with a script. An idea. I was on Mitcham Lane, driving up towards Streatham when suddenly this idea popped into my head. I wrote it, battled with it and then put it to rest again. The means in which it came into my head remains fuzzy. In other words, there was no clear path to which the script came about. I knew how I wanted it to end and so I wrote. And wrote. And I turned an insignificant corner of South London into the central nexus of the random thoughts spinning in my head.

Unfortunately, I could not think of a better name than Atkins Road. For some reason, I love this part of London. Believe it or not, I spent two New Year's here and many more days and nights after that. Do not for one moment think that Atkins Road has ay sites, there ain't any. Do not think that this is an attractive part of London; the South Circular runs through here - 'nuff said. However, this has been a part of my life for such a long time and will be for a while to come. Whether I am passing through here or actually making it a significant part of my existence, Atkins Road has a little piece of me attached to the pavement, somewhere.

All right, this has to be leading somewhere. I called the script 'Atkins Road'. I refined it, rewrote it and eventually came up with 95 odd pages kicking story. Look, I ain't going to hold back, the script is good. Many writers will say that about their work, but for what it is trying to achieve, 'Atkins' does a good job.

And so onto the next question. Will I be able to get it made. To prove to the world how funky this script, my story is? Good question. For although praises are one thing, to actually get it made and shown on the big screen and too have audiences world wide stampeding to watch it is something that every director aims for. After all, the more people that see your creations, and pay for it, the sooner I can jack in the 'day job'.

The Atkins Road Concept Trailer

The first shots in anticipation of the rest...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crossings of the River Thames - A Quarter of the way through...

Well, well. It has been an interesting journey so far. At nine crossings, I am well past the 25% point of London's river crossings. And so what next for the trip down the river.

But before I continue, let me look back. Nine months ago, an idea popped into my head. A way in which to diversify what I write about as well as a way in which to make myself more interesting. So I decided to take upon myself the task of visiting every crossing point over the Thames in London. It started, humbly with a ferry and my journey so far has taken in a vast swathe of suburban London.

It is also interesting to look back at how far I have come since I began. At that time, I had no film festivals under my belt, I still was not getting any money from my writings and I had no media attention. Nine months later, things have spun around. Although I have a long way to go, it does feel a little it better than what it was.

I won't be sitting on my laurels, but it is interesting to see the person I was nine months ago and the position I was in. I can smile at the frustrations I felt then, but also I am still no happier now.

And it is interesting to see where the next quarter will take me. By the time I arrive at Chelsea, I will be halfway through the crossing points. How much will I have achieved. Will I have secured a production budget for a feature. Most importantly, will I actually be making a living from filming, or will I still be working my multiple McJobs?

One more thing. Many may ask why did I actually start this journey in the first place? Well, every month I am forced out of the house, away from filming and McJobs to seek out a river crossing, photograph it and talk about it. The whole exercise gets me out to see a bit of this city. Hopefully it makes me a little more rounded and proves entertaining to the reader. ALso, an advantage for me - locations. Something that is essential for the budding film maker...

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Crossings of the River Thames 9 - Kew Bridge

The North Circular is a wonderful road. Sure, it can get a little crowded, but it is mostly well planned out, it links to major motorways that can whisk you out of London and most of it is dual carriageway.

And then there is the South Circular. Unplanned, haphazard and at some points it feels like the driveways alongside the route are wider than the road itself. South London, yet again, has ended up with the bum rap. But the South Circular has one advantage over its northern counterpart. It actually crosses the river.

Welcome to West London's premiere car park - Kew Bridge. Despite the frustrations normally experienced by drivers crossing the river at Kew, it is one very beautiful bridge. A grand triple arched stone structure, its one hundred years have been mostly uneventful, although the ceremony with which it was opened states something else.

As with many crossings over the river, the history of Kew Bridge stretches far beyond its role as part of London's circular road system. And it has always been popular. The first incarnation was a mixed construction of timber and stone. Proving inadequate a second stone bridge was constructed, but it was too narrow and so due to the demands of the horse and carts of the day, the present structure was built. This might explain the current bridge's popularity with stationary vehicles; back in the day, the fastest drive on four wheels were powered by cute ponies.

London beckons. Let's leave these drab suburbs behind and enter the city proper.

Getting there: Kew Bridge Station (National Rail) for the Northbank along with bus routes 237, 267 and the N9. Bus routes 65 annd 391 cross the bridge while Kew Gardens station (Underground) is a 20 minute walk from the South Bank.

Monday, 21 January 2008

The Jewellery Box hits the Radio

It is all busy here in the Duke Household. The other half of the Duke family tag team to conquer the world has also been making inroads into the media world.


Firstly, visit the Jewellery Box for the best in handmade jewellery. Funky, chunky beads that I already use to grace the stars of my own films. And yes, with the films already in pre-production, I am in constant communication with her in order to make the best jewellery and garments for my leading ladies.

Secondly, Olivia, the creator of these fantastic pieces was on NuSound Radio last week and was interviewed live on air. To hear a little bit about her and her designns and plans for the future click here.


Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Playlist

Most DJ's have an immaculate skill with which they grace the airwaves. They know the tunes to play, the vibe to set, and most importantly, know where the cough switch is located.

I, on the otherhand am a complete cluts on the radio. Thankfully, no plugs were pulled last week. However, I do plan my show out. Two hours, believe it or not, is not that long to fill, but I still got to find ways to entertain the audience.

Yes, I do plan out the playlist. About two weeks in advance, I have the show in my head. That means I can get a hold of the relavent CD's/DVD's and more importantly, watch the films. As my show is all about movies and music, I do not wannt to just play a bunch of random songs but also bring in some of the film aspect. This is where my own strength lies.

And so yes, I already have tomorrows playlist alll marked out. Depending on how much I speak (not scripted out) I usually play around ten-twelve songs. A sneak peak for tomorrow's movies include:

Bend it Like Beckham

Film buffs should guess this week's thread. See you at 5pm (GMT) this evening.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Fighting with my tools

Sometimes the days can get far too busy. I have to think during the day when I am in 'McJob' what I have to do on the days off. When they come, I then misfire on all cylinders, procrastinating between my favourite episodes of Star Trek and the latest viral funnies on the internet. Sad as it may seem, there is some productivity in this brain. Somewhere. Deadlines, editing, articles and funding all have to be done. Numerous projects and mini targets are essential.

Without my computer, I am crippled. The modern day film maker needs a computer to survive. All my editing and writing all take place on this humble laptop. Networking, and research all come through it as well as its purpose in generating (paltry) amounts of cash.

Annd yet, I hate this piece of shit. Bough in 2004, it is too old to actually use today. The best part of the last three hours has seen this wonderful Mac, crash and burn as spectacularly as its Windows counterpart. DON'T believe the hype. And then afterwards, while trying to render a short film, it took the best part of the night.

Fuck it all, I'm going to pick fruit for a living.

Friday, 18 January 2008

A little less contraversy

After the rollercoaster ride of last week's fun, I thought this week I should write about something a little more sedate.

Heathrow Airport in all its glory.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

What a difference

...a day makes...

...24, little hours...


Sometimes, that is the case and sometimes it isn't. Everyday, I try to make that difference, and sometimes if I look back I can see the changes in the contours of my journey so far. But on those days, I have to be standing on a ridge of goodwill and feeling in order for me to see how I have progressed. But there are days where I cannot see the progression and I do not know exactly where I am. Those are the 24 hours which I do not like at all. Filled with despair and despondency.

Sometimes at the beginning of the day, you feel one thing. It is not that great, it is a bit of a downer and suddenly you realise that you are going to have to grit your teeth for the next 24 hours. On some days you leap out of bed, ready to tackle the world, such is the challenge that you are relishing for the next day.

Today, I do not know what the next 24 hours will hold. On a smaller scale, probably not much. But when taken into account with the bigger picture?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The DJ Bites the Deck

Ouch, that first hour on nusound was a bit rough, but the second hour smoothed out a bit. Remember, it is not like Frasier. There is no sexy chick called 'Roz' to smoothly let me broadcast. I am a DJ and a Producer at once. So while you will brick it on your first day, you actually get to learn a hell of a lot. Basically, I control the news, the ads, what I want to play, what I want to say, how long the songs are, even the little voice that states 'NuSound Radio, 92FM!'

Someone like me, can easily get used to that much power over the airwaves of East London. Hopefully next week will be a little bit smoother on the productions side so after that I should then be able to concentrate more on the DJ-ing aspect. That's getting out the tunes and the banter and hopefully of the controls will become second nature to me.

And next week's show will be...

Well, despite my 'blah' I hope you got the thread in this week's show. And I hope you liked the blend. I do not try to make the music too heavy and try to include a little bit of everything.

Oh, and if there is a particular film that you like the music for then drop me a comment and tell me what the film is, which song and if it is not in Tamil or Hindi, where I can get the film and /or the song from. You see, in London the Tamil and Hindi films are well stocked, but the rest of the languages are not so good.

Movies and Music - 5-7pm, every Sunday.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Based on a True Story...

Charlie D was sitting in the shop, behind the till reading the comic strips when in walks 'Fit Beanie'. Now, FB was, quite simply, fit. She and CMD had been flirting over the last couple of weeks. Set the scene, the Glorious May sunshine, the optimism of summer lying ahead annd the endless world of possibilitis that occur when two people meet under the circumstances of, well, let us find out...


CMD's attention on the comic book is distracted when FB walks in. She has the air of someone special and the scent of something sweet.

Her smile rings deep into the heart of CMD as he stutters a hello.

FB's smiles broadens and she compliments CMD on his bandanna. CMD laughs and states that he keeps it on as he could not be bothered to shave his head. There is a moment of awkwardness that neither can put their finger on. So CMD decides to lunge in with a common question that many Londoners ask when first meeting each other.

'So, where are you from?'
'I'm from Sri Lanka, you know it?'

CMD nods and smiles. He states that has been to that country a few times. At that FB's eyes beam with delight as she states that she is from Colombo.

Suddenly, CMD remembers the war. All of a sudden he nods and looses his smile.

'So where are you from?'

FB holds a folder close to her and trembles with a little excitement.

'Well,' said CMD hesitantly, 'my mother's from the Seychelles. And my father's from Jaffna'.

Suddenly all was silent. The clouds overhead gathered and cast a darkness into the shop. FB slunk behind the shadows, and like that, she said, 'oh.'


Sunday, 13 January 2008

Responding to the Motherland (this is going to take a long time)

Yesterday, I had an article on OhmyNews published that talked about Sri Lanka's civil war. What came about was an absolute barrage of comments and further quibbles that quite clearly blew me out of the water. To put it simply, for an issue that is barely touched by the Western news agencies, this has catapulted itself to the top of the controversy board of OhmyNews. Methinks I have given the editors a major headache. Anyway, I have responded to the comments made up to the publication of this blog, but I will not respond to anymore.


Comment 1 (Jeremie): Dubious base of your facts on a Sinhalese homeland. Sinhalese is closely resembles Bengali. If there is an origin for Sinhalese then it will be the Ganges Delta region. Far fetched you may ask. Maybe, but remember, until the 1850's, the fastest way to travel was by sailing ship. The Southern Monsoon in June goes from SL up the Bay of Bengal, the Northern Monsoon in November runs back down the Bay of Bengal to Sri Lanka. Think about it no trains, no planes, no steamships and overland travel would be through waterlogged jungle. And also, the first inhabitants of the island are the (insultingly named) Veddahs so both Tamils and Sinhalese were beaten to Ceylon in the initial 'Out of Africa' theory.

Comment 2 (RJacques): Oh dear do you really want me to explain why the 'Sinhala only act' was a crime. Well, let us ask the Bangladeshi's why the imposition of Urdu as the official language of 'East Pakistan' was a crime. Why the imposition of Turkish in the South East of the country was a crime. Why the imposition of Afrikaans on Arpartheid S. Africa was a crime. Understand yet?

Comment 3 (Pierre): To quote what I wrote: 'The LTTE...have subdued the area under their control with a mixture of fear and terror. Add to that their record of ethnic cleansing and their use of child soldiers and suicide bombers.' Read before you comment.

Comment 4 (Ranijith): Whatever you are smoking, I want some.

Comment 5 (annie long): Wow, thank you Annie, the first sensible comment yet.

Comment 6 (Ramesh): Not paid enough to put my dissertation research onto OhmyNews.

Comment 7 (John De Vaz): I like the movies!

Comment 8 (p.selvaratnam): Wow, you are right I forgot about the plantation workers who were left stateless by the newly independent country. This comment is far more brilliant than my article and puts numbers on the table, something that I was not prepared to do. It is a shame that the 'quibbles' talk about the number of doctors in the country. Who cares if you are getting cured?

Comment 9 (hari): You have been busy today. 1989, 1991, 1994, 2000, 2004, 2006 to name the years that I visited Ceylon including trips to Jaffna in 2000 (during the fighting) and 2004 while another trip to Mannar at the end of 2006. I do agree with your 'analysis' of Prabakaran. And while Tamils have more right in SL than a foreigner has in Korea or Japan, foreigners are not routinely killed by the police/armies of those countries.

Comment 10 (SEYON): A bit of an angry comment, but the point is taken.

Comment 11 (Maravan): I think many of the quibbles here seem to miss one vital point. Why has this war started in the first place, and quite simply, Maravan stated why in a nutshell.

Comment 12 (Vadivetkaran): Unfortunately, as Vanivetkaran has pointed out, the LTTE plays a massive role in the lives of ordinary Tamils. Why would anyone want to support such an abhorrent organisation that will demand money from the elderly, take children away from families towards certain death and do not allow free speech or expression in the territories held by them. Out of the Tiger and into the fire as they say...

Comment 13 (Sean): I will repeat myself: 'The LTTE...have subdued the area under their control with a mixture of fear and terror. Add to that their record of ethnic cleansing and their use of child soldiers and suicide bombers'. Note that the article blames both the LTTE and the Government for their reluctance in wanting a peaceful outcome for whatever reasons they may have.

Comment 14 (Karu): I do agree with you that the LTTE were created to protect the Tamils from the then Sri Lankan govt. But now the organisation has become as bad as the villain it intended to defeat. Are the Tamils any better off today than they were 25 years ago? And would any Tamil in their right mind want to live under an LTTE run state? Not unless something even more horrific has happened to that person in their past, hence why they are still (unfortunately) supported today.

Comments 15 and 16 (tamilan): Uh? Why would the FBI care about the LTTE? I suppose I should read the links, but not tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Comment 17 (Karu): Sorry, have not got the time to watch the vids, much get to the end of the comments. Will do so later.

Comment 18 (Olivia): Thank you for actually reading the article and you raise one very good point. Why would anyone want to become a suicide bomber for the LTTE?

Comment 19 (R Sundaralingham): Sorry, but Sinhala is an Indo-European language and is unrelated to the Dravidian languages of the south of the subcontinent. There is a shared vocabulary however, much the same as French and English have a shared vocabulary due to the Norman Conquest. The intermingling on the island has produced a rich a varied culture for all peoples to share including the shared words in both Tamil and Sinhala. If only the S Lankans could see that. Oh well.

Comment 20 (bba): As mentioned above, the Sinhalese language originated from what is today Bangladesh. The people who call themselves 'Sinhalese' are ethnically not much different from their Tamil brethren. After all, thousands of years of intermingling and a shared history have given quite a beautiful bunch of people.

Comment 21 (Alex Barranquilanos): Thank you Alex for stating that no other newswire will actually get this story out to a wider public.

Okay, I'm tired and no more responses to the comments. To all those that sent me personal messages, tough, I will not reply to them, I am too tired for that crap and also, I do not want to enter into personal discussion. The article is there to read. To anyone who wants to have a go at killing me, I am in Forest Gate later on today presenting my radio show, 'Movies and Music', so listen in and see if you can get to me.


And tomorrow, I will tell you a little Sri Lankan story...only on this blog.


Apologies for any spelling mistakes.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Fighting for a Motherland

This article in particular I am very proud of. Not so much for its ranking on the front page, but for the subject matter. As many readers may know, I am part Sri Lankan so for me, the Civil War which has decimated my country is something very close to my heart. And it is an under reported conflict. The great thing about Citizen Journalism is that as a normal citizen, I can report on the news on how it affects me. Although I do not live in Sri Lanka, the war affects me on a daily basis, both through the psyche of my people and in thhe fact that it is impossible for me to travel there when I do come back home.

One thing is that the article itself has generated a huge amount of commentary and a readership that is my highest to date. Although the issue is under reported in the press, it seems that in terms of interest, the issue still burns strongly in people's minds. So I call on the press around the world, report on this issue. The more publicity that it receives, the more people will focus on the tragedy of this island, similar to the focus that Dafur has received. Maybe, only then, will the two sides make peace after years of war.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Last night the DJ saved my life...

It's vanity, it's publicity and I am so excited. I am on the radio and baby I am shouting to the world!

Movies and Music, every Sunday, 5-7pm (London time) NuSound Radio 92FM, London.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ten days in...

Wait a minute, 2008 is ten days old, but how come it feells the same as 2007? That optimism, that promise that things could only get better - what's happened to all of that? Suddenly, we are back to queing up at the same bus stop, that all to familiar drudgery when going to work and that nasty cold wind and rain in the air.

Wait a minute, 10 days ago I promised myself that life would change - for the better! I promised that I would make 2008 the year for ME. And the whole world joined me in chorus to proclaim, I CAN.

Man, that was such a long time ago...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Profile Pics

My profile picture has been faithfully adorning my 'online prescence' for the last year or so. It was in fact taken two years ago on the set of An East End Tale and so shows me in full 'directorial mode'. However, things change and so I think it is high time I changed the profile pic too. So what shall it be? Should it be something hunky, a pose, me in action, el director mode or something else.

Profile pictures are notoriously vain components of the internet experience. That is your advert for the world to see. It is the best that you can offer. Many net users do not advertise themselves but in my case, being a publicity hungry machine, self promotion is what the internet was designed for.

So, what shall I use? It seems all change fairly soon in the picture stage...

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Temping Lifestyle

Remember at the turn of the century, the fashion trends? Hey, that was the time when Uncle T. Blair was still cool, the Millenium Bug was only weeks away and the coolest thing to be seen with was still a Sony Walkman.

It was also a time when temping was just simply cool. The lifestyle. Hey, can you temp?

Right, let's put this into context here. According to 'da lifestyle', temping involves sauntering into some air con office at five to nine, flirting with your neighbours and then hitting the bar for drinks afterwards.


Temping means getting calls from a g'zillion agencies, eventually picking the one that gets to you first, going to some CRAP job for a few days and getting fudged with your cash.


On the bright side, I am top billing today on OhmyNews. And here is the article in full

Monday, 7 January 2008

DJ Duke in Da House

Okay, not quite 'house party', but I am a radio DJ. From Next Sunday, I will be on NuSound Radio doing a two hour show about Movies and Music.

Today I was in the studio earlier on, just to get a feel of the place and I bricked it. Now, this is not the first time I have been on the radio, but it was the first time that I would actually have to do something. That is scary. Come on, ultimate nightmare, I pull the plug and the station has a blackout. Something like that passes in my mind.

But once you get a feel of the console, it isn't too bad. Get an emergency CD ready to play, just in case any muck ups happen and go for it.

The best thing is that my show is about movies and music. So I get to chat a little about the movies and play a heck of a lot of music. Yeah, I think I could just about do that.

And of course, the best thing is that I have to watch films. For research purposes, of course.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Paid to write my own words - it begins...

Yesterday, my first ever paid article was published, with my name as the author. And it made the front page. Alongside the American Primaries and the troubles in Pakistan, that is one fantastic achievement.

Now, yes, I have had work published before under my own name both on the internet and in hard copies of the press. Also, I have been working as a ghost writer and so 2007 was the first year that I have got paid for my writings. But OhmyNews has given me this very significant first. It may not be a source to riches, it may not even be a source to fame, but what the hell, I am being paid to publish MY work!

It gets better, but I want it quicker!

Yes, I have a big head and yes, I have a lot of pride. But it has taken one hell of a struggle just to come this far. And for a writer, there is something beautiful in actually seeing your own words, published with your name attached and then receiving a little piece of cash by the end of it. Trust me on this.

So thanks to those behind the movement of Citizen Journalism and thanks to all that have read, helped and commented so far.

So go on, view a piece of brilliance

The Article

Friday, 4 January 2008

The world's fit cities.

In all my travels, there are many ways in which to rate a country. Its food, its archaeological heritage, the beauty of the landscape, hey, even the weather. Often, most countries beyond this sceptred isle fair extremely well on all those accounts. To date I have travelled to over thirty countries, touching all the continents except (surprisingly) South America and of course, Antarctica.

But there is one rating system that is often under utilised. The fittest country?

So what are the three, fittest countries that I have travelled to.

Ooh, that's a tough one.

All right then, I'll go by cities. As the country is quite a varied landscape and often I would have just touched it. But in the city, even a day in a place can give a sense of the beauty of its inhabitants. So without further ado, I go for my top 3 cities for fitties:

1) Almaty - Winter time never looked so sexy.
2) Mexico City - Guapa!
3) Victoria (Mahe) - All right, this was a tough one, to decide and Victoria is only a town, but hey, they get my vote.

And a few more 'surprising' options:

LAX - I never expected it, but try the LA subway and you'll know what I mean.
Colombo - Would have made it during the ceasefire, but now is a pale imitation.
Cordoba - Of all the cities in Andalucia...well, as I have to pick one of them.

I know, Rio should be on there, but I have not made it, yet. Ditto for Tokyo and Istanbul. My next dream destinations...

Thursday, 3 January 2008

All right, it has been sometime, in fact eight months since I promised that I would do it, but I have finally got off my own backside and set up my own website.

There's nothing flash on it and in fact it is a little bit of a mess, but for all intents and purposes it is my window on the world. A little bit of me, exposed naked on the net.

So come along to and see a little bit of the fun.

Of course, I am ten years behind everybody by actually doing this, but don't worry, I'll soon catch up...

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Help, it's the 2nd

All right, it's time to hit the ground ringing. No more excuses, the Bank Holidays are over and the sun is shining. That's it, time to make something of yourself, New Year is here and ready to hit you hard.

Mmm, maybe I'll do it tomorrow instead.

No, no, must face it hard. Do not look back at 2007 but look forward to 2008! The unknown, nearly a decade of the new millennium over, hey, can we call this millennium new anymore? Hell, where did the last year go, hey, where did the last 27 years go? Did I do that right (NO!) should I have done that (YES!) - oh no, regrets come upon me, all is woe!

Okay, calm down 'El', there is more to life than the success of oneself?

Such as what? Joint ventures, all you can eat buffets and impressing other people with your prowess of obscure Honduran chants.

Mmm, Honduran women...

Sorry, distracted by the fitness of Latin America, damn, wish I was in LA rather than London. It's a shame that our closest neighbour is Calais but as they say, ce la vie!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


So 2008 has begun and how was 2007 for you? Where did it all go? I swear I am loosing a few days every year as the year itself seems to be getting shorter. Ho hum. 2008 will prove to be an interesting time...