Monday, 14 January 2008

Based on a True Story...

Charlie D was sitting in the shop, behind the till reading the comic strips when in walks 'Fit Beanie'. Now, FB was, quite simply, fit. She and CMD had been flirting over the last couple of weeks. Set the scene, the Glorious May sunshine, the optimism of summer lying ahead annd the endless world of possibilitis that occur when two people meet under the circumstances of, well, let us find out...


CMD's attention on the comic book is distracted when FB walks in. She has the air of someone special and the scent of something sweet.

Her smile rings deep into the heart of CMD as he stutters a hello.

FB's smiles broadens and she compliments CMD on his bandanna. CMD laughs and states that he keeps it on as he could not be bothered to shave his head. There is a moment of awkwardness that neither can put their finger on. So CMD decides to lunge in with a common question that many Londoners ask when first meeting each other.

'So, where are you from?'
'I'm from Sri Lanka, you know it?'

CMD nods and smiles. He states that has been to that country a few times. At that FB's eyes beam with delight as she states that she is from Colombo.

Suddenly, CMD remembers the war. All of a sudden he nods and looses his smile.

'So where are you from?'

FB holds a folder close to her and trembles with a little excitement.

'Well,' said CMD hesitantly, 'my mother's from the Seychelles. And my father's from Jaffna'.

Suddenly all was silent. The clouds overhead gathered and cast a darkness into the shop. FB slunk behind the shadows, and like that, she said, 'oh.'


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