Saturday, 12 January 2008

Fighting for a Motherland

This article in particular I am very proud of. Not so much for its ranking on the front page, but for the subject matter. As many readers may know, I am part Sri Lankan so for me, the Civil War which has decimated my country is something very close to my heart. And it is an under reported conflict. The great thing about Citizen Journalism is that as a normal citizen, I can report on the news on how it affects me. Although I do not live in Sri Lanka, the war affects me on a daily basis, both through the psyche of my people and in thhe fact that it is impossible for me to travel there when I do come back home.

One thing is that the article itself has generated a huge amount of commentary and a readership that is my highest to date. Although the issue is under reported in the press, it seems that in terms of interest, the issue still burns strongly in people's minds. So I call on the press around the world, report on this issue. The more publicity that it receives, the more people will focus on the tragedy of this island, similar to the focus that Dafur has received. Maybe, only then, will the two sides make peace after years of war.

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