Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Help, it's the 2nd

All right, it's time to hit the ground ringing. No more excuses, the Bank Holidays are over and the sun is shining. That's it, time to make something of yourself, New Year is here and ready to hit you hard.

Mmm, maybe I'll do it tomorrow instead.

No, no, must face it hard. Do not look back at 2007 but look forward to 2008! The unknown, nearly a decade of the new millennium over, hey, can we call this millennium new anymore? Hell, where did the last year go, hey, where did the last 27 years go? Did I do that right (NO!) should I have done that (YES!) - oh no, regrets come upon me, all is woe!

Okay, calm down 'El', there is more to life than the success of oneself?

Such as what? Joint ventures, all you can eat buffets and impressing other people with your prowess of obscure Honduran chants.

Mmm, Honduran women...

Sorry, distracted by the fitness of Latin America, damn, wish I was in LA rather than London. It's a shame that our closest neighbour is Calais but as they say, ce la vie!

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