Monday, 24 March 2008

Three months in...

I always seem to be shocked at how quickly time passes, but already we are a quarter of the way through 2008. Now, that does freak me out. I can remember what I did for New Year's Eve '07, and it involved a lot of food and a North London hang out. But since then, the year has passed by in a blur. But in a good way, although I have to admit that I am absolutely shattered. Today, my ends were frayed and to be honest, it was not the best Easter I have had. I am off on holiday today and to be honest, I think I need it. It may only be ten days, but the Seychelles is one beautiful place to relax for a bit. I do not go for the beach or the sun (hey, there's Dubai for that) but simply for the family.

Yes, three months gone. And what has happened? Luckily, my blog takes me through the ins and outs of what I have forgotten. By far and away, the biggest outward change in my life has been getting onto the radio. It has been a magnificent platform for me and something I really enjoy doing as well. Chatting about movies, playing music and chilling out with cool guests makes it one very funky situation.

But outward changes can be deceiving. Under the coccoon, things have also been happening. Firstly, we are to be in two festivals. Wood Green will be in mid-April and that is an absolutely huge event to be in, something I am very proud of. The second festival will be the prestigious Portobello Film Festival in the summer, another huge event and something that is great for me to get into. Behind the scenes, I have been concentrating on masses of distribution and hopefully will be able to add to the success of my shorts. Distribution is a pain in the butt, however it is the most important part of film making. If no one will see it, then why bother?

And how about making films? Well, the eagle eyed will notice more Caution and the next series of webisodes are well under way. In fact, working with both Ari and Kuldip is something to look forward to when I return as well as more funky beats with Nick.

Pre-production for a major project for the year has been my main concern. At the moment, I want to pursue to the documentary genre and have three ideas with which to toy with. The one I actually pursue will be interesting, but it is trying to find the right blend of time and publicity. Hennce my concentration this year on festivals.

Finally, I will be off to a new McJob. It will be intersting and definitely better paid, but at nights, so expect more wonky blog timings.

Until I return, thank you or reading and watching,

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Crossings of the River Thames 11 - Barnes Bridge

I know this may sound even more geeky, but I was actually really looking forward to this crossing. And why? Well, it was the only crossing on this journey that I have never used before, either by foot or rail, so for me it was a real first timer event.

Barnes itself is what they call a weird and wonderful place. It looks like a Victorian seaside town and its central highlight is a pond. It is also a very British place and quite unlike the rest of London with a real old English feel to it. Hemmed in by Common land and the river itself, it seems to have been stuck in the London of yesteryear and seems out of place with the rest of the metropolis.

Barnes Bridge perfectly fits that analysis too. WIth a real old English feel to it, the bridge feels like a relic of Victorian times, stuck in the time warp of yesteryear. Replace the modern day stock with steam locomotives and you would have to pinch yourself that you were no longer in the twenty-first century. And it is a bridge designed for an era without the car. A small pedestrian walkway adjoining the main crossing that carries the 'Great' South West train service across the Thames. At that time of the day, it is well used, mainly by joggers along the Thames path.

Despite the surroundings, I quite like Barnes Bridge itself. Not so much for the structure or the functionality, but because it actually exists. Something as quaint as a pedestrian crossing is still maintained next to the rather more important rail crossing. It is not because it is well utilised, or that it serves anything important. The crossing exists because, why not? Oh and I suppose you also have to ask, where would the spectators go for the boat race?

Getting there:

or buses 209, 419 and N22 call right by the bridge (Southbank only)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

CWP Maharajas

You know what, you wait for a Caution Wet Paint episode and then three come along at once. Well, probably more than three. the 2008 season has begun!

I like you...

Friday, 21 March 2008

A Blog Post

After four hours sleep, I am not very good. Yes, going out to do stuff is pretty good, but actually knuckling down to get stuff down at home is tough. Normally, I would be madly editing, but today I mooched and instead of catching a movie for my radio show, I watched Inter-Species Erotica. Mmm, maybe I could focus my show in the ins and outs of Donkey Fucking...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Caution Wet Paint for '08

We are going old school and in the spirit of Kung Fu before it became fahsionable, we are entering 2008 with a slap!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Xinjiang - China's other Tibet

With the ongoing riots in Tibet, I thought it would be a good idea to focus on China's bigger problem, Xinjiang.

Read and Learn...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

CWP - the experimentation...

One of the great joys of Caution Wet Paint has been the amount of freedom it has given me as a Director. Because, let us be honest, beyond the film festival circuit, it has given me an unprecedented range of power to muck about with. For instance, in the last series, I mucked about with different styles of music and combined them with ridiculous storylines.

There have been some contraints. The fact that there is a full feature length for these guys means that therre has to be some sort of cannon to these shorts, otherwise in the greater scheme of things, they are useless. So yes, believe it or not, each short that has been made has a purpose in the 'grand order' of the CWP universe.

But also in directing style I can do what I like. Remember, I am self taught and I still have much to learn about making films rather than just telling a story. CWP allows me to muck about, with the editing software without a worry of whether or not the film will be accepted into a festival. It is creative freedom, but also editing freedom that gives me a kick out of editing CWP. Plus Ari (Jay) and Kuldip (Kay) make a great on screen duo. Hey, they make me laugh.

Oh, and I think I might also be giving the two El's an outing in the not-too-distant future...

Monday, 17 March 2008

El Plov Master!

Plov. The world's greatest dish. About a year ago, I posted my first 'regular' blog and so went on the path of spiritual enlightenment by seeking the mystery of plov. In October last year, I actually made some. And today, I will yet again return to my 'Kazan' to make some plov.

Mmm, plov....

(Oh and the spelling in these blogs have been really poor recently...)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Chuck Viscious

Sometimes in this world you have to be cruel. It is a fact of life. But the reason for my particular type of 'evil' comes from one source. 'Unreliability'. When I am aproached, I do give the time of day. And I am the kind of guy who 'needs' 25 hours in his day. But then, once you have asked for something, and agreed on a deadline and the so called deadline passes without any kind of communication...

Example. Someone approached you for some publicity. You tell them to provide some basic information in a particular format. They say, it will be in your inbox tomorrow. You wake up and nothing. You wait a day, two days. Nothing. And so, the beat goes on. Or should I say a lack of beat. There is no communication. So when it comes to publicising, they are the loosers as I have no information.

For example, someone has a radical idea. We agree on a deadline for more info. The deadline passes...oh dear.

Now, I said '25 hours'. That means I often have more than one project on my plate. So it is not as if I am hanging on one particular person. Experience has taught me that unreliability xomes with the territory. But, it does mean that in the future, I remember what X, Y and Z is like. So if I am asked another favour, I am often less inclined to give part of my 25 hour day to them. After all, from previous experience, I know that it could take longer than envisaged.

So, this is a message to all that meet 'El Director'. Be on time. In every respect. If a deadline or a time has been agreed, work to it. Do not miss it. And if you are going to be late, then communicate. At least I am in the know and in this world, communication outstrips everything else.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Seychelles, trois...

All right, I have been sounding a bit negative about the 'Motherland', so this morning, I am going to be happy.

Yes, yes, yes! Hot tropical weather! Yes, yes, yes! Real food. Fresh fish, fantastic fruits and beautiful spices! Yes, yes, yes! Fit women - oh yes, the Seychelles is a beautiful country!

And that's the reason why I am going there. It isn't for the beaches (yes, it really looks like that) or the family (yes, part of my huge family). It isn't even for the unique flora (don't even ask) and fauna (yep, rode on them when I was a kid, fed them and yes, they are really cute). All I want is plenty of salt fish in the hot tropical sun...and then I want to get fed...

Friday, 14 March 2008

The Future is bright...

Futurologists are full of shit. According to the ones paid in the 1960's, we would all be in hovercars and living on the moon. Well, we are still riding on a century old train network and living in even smaller rabbit hutch dwellings.

I often don't do this, but today, this article in the papers made me laugh. In particular the notion that people would choose 'ethical jobs' and spurn low paid/menial/unethical tasks.

There are three reasons why futurologists will always fail. Firstly, they are not inventive, and so cannot predict the new technology that will come out. The internet is a good example. Or even mp3 players. They were never predicted in the 1960's.

Secondly, they never take in economic facts. Living on the moon may have been a great idea, but what is the economic incentive to doing so. Likewise, people may become more 'ethically aware', but everyone has their price.

Thirdly, the art of futurology isn't a process of control, manipulation or intelligence but is the art of bullshitting. Never believe a bullshitter.

One thing can be safely predicted about the future. It's the same old crap, just a bit more expensive.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Seychelles 2

So yes, yesterday was the fact that I am a little bit apprehensive about visiting Seycheles. Well, today that has gone and instead I am really excited. You see, I love food and in Seychelles foood is fresh all the time. And it is the food I cannot get in this country without spending an arm and a leg. Big game tropical fish, seasoned goat, pasison fruit and papaya. Oh yes, there is a season foor many things in the Seychelles and now is the best season for foood. Phone anyone back in the Seychelles at this time and usually their mouth is full of food. And so will mine, in a couple of weeks time.

Yep, I travel halfway across the world, just to get a decent piece of fish...

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Some of you may already know that I am off to the Seychelles in a couple of weeks time. Just before you start jumping to conclusions, I am a Seychellois so it is not a case of me off on a honeymoon or doing an exotic film shoot. It is simply a visit to the family.

It has been a while since I have been (two and a bit years) so I cannot wait to see everyone and as it is a good season for fish, I will be putting on weight. Plenty of weight.

But, it is interesting. While the Seychelles conjures up images of paradise for 99.9% of the world's population, the reality for me is somewhat different. Yes, the Seychelles is the most beautiful place on the planet, and I have travelled to a fair few places so in my experience I could vouch for this. However, the image of paradise is not the one that comes to mind when visiting Seychelles. The most overwhelming image is that of screaming Creoles.

Now, anyone of you who has met a member of my family will know this. For those that haven't it is simple. We are a loud people. Particularly the women. Shouting and screaming is a part of the culture. Particularly for the women. For such a small place, it is surprisingly noisy. Particularly the women. For some reason, my family is very loud. Porobably as there are more women than men.

So on my return, I will be a little more stressed out, a little bit tubier and I would have added my fare share to the greenhouse effect. Ah, the bonds of the family are strong indeed. I will also need a hearing aid on my return.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

NuSound Nutty Vlog

All right, I am back to a little vlogging and hopefully will get mjore vids posted up. Enjoy the madness of NuSound.

With thanks to NSG, Beneet, Prerna and Nish.

(If the vid does not work)

Monday, 10 March 2008

Obsession, for film

Chatting last night after the interview, it was interesting to discuss about how obsessed thhe path to 'enlightenment' can make you. Do you forget about functioning properly in life? Yes, definitely. Lack of sleep, unable to go to the toilet properly, staying in the same old clothes (yes, directors don't dress for shit). All right, maybe that is not healthy. But it is me. Now, 'why' would I ber obsessed with my own films. After all, I know that I am not the most talented film maker out there, and I to be honest, I am not sure that I will ever be.

But today, I am not talking about talent, but about obsession. An obsession for film making. I have described it as my first marriage, but that may be putting film making into negative terms, as I actually enjoy making films and the whole film making process. So I actually enjoy being obsessed about films. Sure, you get annoyed and like anything else there are days that I get pissed off at the whole lack of progress relative to my position.

But the obsession does not stem from the camera. No, it stems from the script. If I just loved the camera, I would be out there amking wedding videos for a grand a pop. But there is something more to film making that I enjoy and that is the writing behind it. I love my writing, truly there is no greater feeling then seeing my script finish an then made into something on the screen. Wow, is all I think and wow is all I want everyone else to think. A feeling of such joy, it is uncomprehensible to describe, but often all I want to do is dance and leap in the air once I have finished a script, such is the ennergy that my body feels.

Obsession, for me, it lies in the words. And it is something I can't get rid of, nor do I want to rid myself of it. I actually enjoy being obsessed.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Building an empire...

All right, it has been a while and my net prescence has truly fallen off the face of the Earth. But, it has been one very busy time of my life. And still, there are things to be done. I am well behind on the editing of CWP, but I am proceeding forward with it, now that I finally have my computer back.

Yes, it does feel good. Yes, it is faster and my hard drive does not groan in such a depressing way. My DVD drive also works. Hah, imagine the irony, a Director unable to play DVD's! Hah!

So yes, I will endeavour to increase my net presence once again, but it is hard work. In fact, after Easter I am concentrating on promoting the paint as much as possible as well as well as starting work on a documentary. It should be a short, but knowing documentaries, it could continue to something infinitely long. And as it will be my first true documentary (as opposed to the youtube offerings), it is a new path I am starting on.

Also, time to save up for the eventual upgrade to the conmputer/camera system next year. Therefore, this year is the last chance to realy utilise my current batch of goodies.

Man, that will be cool. Next year Babarouge will have two awesome computers and two cameras. The empire grows stronger...

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Back to Black!

Right, that's nearly it. I got my computer back and yes it is faster, more sleek. Still crap, but a lot less crap.

Secondly, the the website is up and runnning and now I am building up my links page. e-mail me or comment box me links and I will whack them in as fast as I can.

Thirdly, the filming is getting back off the ground. New computer(ish) new styles and more Paint! so watch out.

Four, radio show, tomorrow. Listen in to contrasts and greatness. Women directors and NSG. You're going to love it.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Cycle Wars

Now, it is an interesting thing cycling in London. Today is Friday, and I will arrive back 'late' from my oh-so-shit job. I am one of the growing number of people who actually cycle from A-B in this city. Partly due to the exercise, partly for the enjoyment but mostly as I am a pikey and I hate the thought of spending money on petrol or bus fares.

But yes, it is interesting cycling in London. On my way to work I have to cycle through 3 boroughs and three very different sets of cycle paths. Yes, there is a difference and at the borough's borders you can go from magnificent cycle facilities to nothing. In all my cycling through London the two boroughs that I despise are The City (a deathtrap) and Richmond upon Thames. No surprises for these car loving havens. Surprisingly, the two boroughs that are Tower Hamlets and Kingston upon Thames. Both have excellent cycle paths despite the amount of traffic in those areas.

However, there is something interesting about cycling in London and that is the pure hostility that motorists pour from you. Overwhelmingly, in fact, they are all men, youn and white. Usually drunk and in their cars and of any class. Wherever you are cycling, they pass by and shout verbal. There is only one thing you wish for these people - heart attacks and painful ones.

So yeah, wish me luck. It's Friday today and that means tonight is the night I have to look forward to getting the hell scared out of me and of course on the look out for our boys, 'having a bit of fun'. One rule for them...

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The curse of the South

Yesterday, I had to get across from one side of South London to the other. Most drivers would use the South Circular.

Of course, if you are from South London, this is the last option on my list. In fact, using the South Circular is akin to a bad headache.

Especially around Forest Hill where the road seems to chicane like a GP track. At times, driving along the South Circular seems like driving down someone's driveway, the route of it is so obscure.

Also, anyone tackling the Wandsworth one way system knows how bad the route can get.

Why do you think I did not have the time to post a blog yesterday?

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Spring Cleaning

As my precious computer is now in the 'garage', I have to change my tasks. No longer am I editing or script writing nor am I even sending off to film festivals. All the useful information is now out of my reach. So instead I am finally going to tackle the public mennace known as my website. All of this week I will attept to upgrade it so by the time I actually get my computer back, it may look half professional.

To all those that love me and loathe me, e-mail me the links to your websites so I will splash them all over my links page.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Compie repair

Into the bank, get out money and spend! Ugh, I got to get this ratbag of a computer upgraded. It is mucked. I am a film maker without a DVD drive. Hah. The sheer irony. So, another mid life refurbishment and hopefuly a week later, everything should be okay.

The great thing is that I do not have computer for the next week or so. Yey - freedom!

Or is it...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Tube Tales

One thing that is going to be a mission today is getting back home from the radio show. Now, I am noot yet getting lifts in limos, so I usually slug it across town on the tube. Of course, anyone who tries to use the underground on a weekend knows the Mission Impossible that is travelling in London using public transport on a Sunday. I know the work has to get done, but how long does it actually take? In China they would have built a new tube line by now, and in fact, at the rate the repairs are taking place, it would probably be quicker to build a new tube to replace the old system.

Knowing how expensive repairs are in this country, it would probably be cheaper than the current set of repairs...

Saturday, 1 March 2008

NuTalent on NuSound Radio

Join me tomorrow on NuSound where I will be interviewing Syco Kydd on the NuTalent Spot - the only radio spot in London on the FM dial to give a voice to new and emerging artists from the capital.

I am really looking forward to this interview as I actually get to see how a young artist is evolving in his work. I myself started writing when I was fourteen and so have a great deal of empathy with creative talents who are beginning at such an age.

NuTalent during the 'Movies and Music' show, 5-7pm every Sunday.