Friday, 5 September 2008

Hello World! (Part 3)

Talk about spreading the tentacles, but I have decided to spread 'El Director's' Blog onto its third platform. It all began very humbly with this post on my humble myspace site, nearly two years ago. From being a sideline in my film making world, blogging became much more serious and an outlet creatively as well as being a sounding board for myself. I then migrated to a second platform, the ubiquitous Blogspot, child of google and master of the universe, partly out of frustration from the poor service offered by myspace. My first on 'Blogger' was very different, had a little more substance and a lot more ranting.

So, in my third incarnation of my blog, here on Wordpress, I wanted to start on something different. A bit of philosophy on a Friday evening here in London town.

Many of us have finished our holidays. Maybe we were abroad, maybe we were staying at home. Come rain or shine, many of us took the opportunity to do something different, to see the world in a different light and many of us experienced something a little more than the norm. More than the New Year, Autumn is the time that we really take stock of our lives. The big question to ask is that how many of us actually act on such impulses? Returning to work in the Autumn, the impressions made on us during our travels fade into insignificance as we continue the commute, the humdrum and eventually drown it out on a Friday night.

Well, this is a call. Try it, something new, something scary and something different. We, each of us, have it inside of us to make our mark on this world, to reverberate into infinity and to make a mark for something good! It is scary, it is dangerous and yes more than just a little crazy. But let us continue that holiday spirit and make it so much more! After all, we have nothing to loose but our commute!

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