Saturday, 13 September 2008

Snake Dance (ah what CWP does to us!)

(I have let my sister aka La Producer take over today's blog posting)

Hello everyone!! Ok as you know I am impartial to random dance vlogs and since I had not done a vlog for a little while as La Producer, I thought I would treat you all to my snake dance!

The snake dance was inspired by the original Snake Dance vlog by Kuldip Nandola aka KAY so take a look and see how I was inspired! Also if you feel inspired why not join in and do a Caution, Wet Paint Kay's Snake Vlog?? Would love to see all you dance moves - just post it as a response to the Snake Dance on our Caution Wet Paint youtube channel

If you also liked the lace camisole - I made it!! It is made of back cotton and red lace!! Am also styling out my leopard at night necklace!

For more information, please message me or take a look at Twisted Knickers

La Producer x

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