Monday, 1 September 2008

Time 3

Today is the 1st September. Summer is over (it really never existed in london this year) and yes, we no longer have 2008 to hold onto. VIva 2009?

Hard to believe, but the first decade of the twenty-first century is coming to an end. And that begs to answer the question, where the f**k did the last ten years go? Add to that, where is my flying hover car? Haha! oh the sixties - spoilt hippies and cheap petrol!

Time is constant, but that is bull as it is I who experiences time and this year has been the fastest year of the lot. Added to that the feeling that life is getting ever more futile and this has not been one of my grea years.

All right, a lot of deaths have happened in the family recently and the war in Sri Lanka does not ease my mind (too many relatives stuck in the war zone), but the feeling of helplessness grows ever deeper as life passes by. The question I bg to ask,

'Is this as good as it gets?'

could result in a terrifying yes.

When you have (potentially) life ahead of you, worries are non-existent. But seeing loved ones fall by the wayside, you begin to realise that this is it. There is only one shot in life and then it is gone. I am trying, but do I have enough time to succeed?

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