Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Funkiness

I love Christmas, as at this time of the year the news is filled with far more interesting stories, alongside the doom and gloom as their pages and spaces and bandwidths have to be filled. Here are a selection of some of the more interesting stories I have seen on my wanderings over the past few days:

Do you really expect me to have any sympaty for these fuckers?

Hey as if giving up an aircraft is a sacrifice. Oh, and the moment where the trader goes into a fury with a cup of cola is pure classic Muppetery.

Cousin Fucking is good for you.

Apparently so. But why is there no boner in that department?

Mexican Beauty arrested on Weapons' charges.

Now, to be honest, if I have to choose a way to die, she would be pretty high up on the list of the best ways to pop off.

Oh well, off to baste the turkey. Merry Christmas!


Oh, and something from Vlogsup!

(Thanks to Daniel for that piece of genius)

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