Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Cycle Blog 4: The Repairs

I know that I have already finished this little subject last week, but I have just spent the best part of the morning repairing my beloved two wheeler.

Before I ride out of the shop, there are certain things that must be attached to the bike. A bell, a rear reflector, and reflectors on the pedals. This makes the cycle roadworthy for daytime use. At night I also have to have lights and they can be steady or flashing LED types.

Take a look at the highway code. Yes, there is a section for cyclists. Along with the reflectors and bells there are two BIG laws regarding the condition of a cycle. Firstly, the use of lights at night time (and they can be the flashing type or a steady light). And second, my brakes must be efficient.

If you are as much of a dirt monkey as I am, parts go pretty quickly. The mixture of grit and water does no favours to a bicycle. Sand and moisture are the best abrasives a man can buy.

So yes, my brakes were shot. And they have been for a couple of weeks. They have been going for a while, but a couple of weeks ago, I spent about an hour shredding my cycle through a very wet piece of parkland. The result my brakes deteriorated fast. Oh well, luckily I had a spare cycle lunging about and so I cannibalised it for the brake pads. Two hours and a dirty rag later, everything was fixed and ready to cycle off!

(New brakes for old)

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