Monday, 29 December 2008


What I have believed in all my life has finally made it to the bookshelves of America. Apparently it is good for your body to eat, well, normal foods. That means full fat dairies, egg yolks and other cholesterol inducing bits and bobs. What has been known to anyone traveling outside the UK for many years and is only being realised in 'the West', are that diets affect the libido. You may receive a slim waistline but that doesn't mean you get the chance to enjoy it. Everyone needs a bit of cushion for the pushin'and there is far more to play with anyway.

As Christmas is coming to an end and one of the top NY-Resolutions for many will be diet, I always have to ask, how does cutting back on food make anyone happier? We have three months of perpetual darkness before the rays of spring finally decide to cast themselves on this barren little rock in the Northern Atlantic. In other words, with the cold, the lack of any holidays and the complete lack of an economy looming up ahead, why compound the misery with a lack of gastro-intestinal satisfaction? I like to cook, I like to eat and believe it or not, I like to shop for food (but not at the supermarket). Eating is an essential part of life and so why make it such a miserable part of existence. And (sod the carbon emissions) with food available from all over the world in this humble city, why not enjoy what is on offer. After all, when I am decrepit and old, the last thing I will be remembering will be how 'hunky' I looked but instead I will recount the delightful cuisines that I have sampled.

So make this New Year's Resolution something more positive. To enjoy food rather than restrict it. To revel in the richness of a varied diet rather than playing with boiled vegetables. Exercise, it gives a greater excuse to eat. And very importantly, explore food. Whether it is eating out (and it can be done on the cheap in London, especially when tee-total) or trying a new foods to cook, delight yourself in your tastebuds' fantasies. It will stop you pigging out on oversized coffees (a disgusting drink in the UK), you will have less cravings for chocolate (most of the high street stuff is vile) and booze will seem a lot less attractive (unless you are an alcoholic). We are what we eat, and so make it good!

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