Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Sex Blog 3: Cartoon Sex

The Advantages of having sex with a Cartoon chick:

She will always have big boobs.
You can do whatever you want and she will get really turned on.
So there is no need for excessive foreplay.
She will always have an orgasm, no matter what you do.
Emotional detachment.

The Disadvantages of having sex with a Cartoon chick:

It is a bit two dimensional (both personality wise and physically).
You have got to watch out for paper cuts, in some very sensitive areas.
No curves, just defined lines.
There has got to be some convoluted plotline to get into her knickers. A simple 'hi' does not suffice.
No post-coital moments (therefore second/third/forth etc rounds), unless it is an extra long version of the cartoon.

India's first sex cartoon (not work safe).

The article that drew my attention to this fine website.


Asad said...

But would it be Betty or Wilma?

el director! said...