Sunday, 14 December 2008

Slow Down London

Something I saw in the Londonist (a great read if you have not already got it on your RSS). A campaign to slow down, London. The home page gives five suggestions by which we can all slow down and somehow become more serene. Tea (Caffeine Stimulant), Breathing (Hyperventilation), Pleasing Yourself (Wanking), Living in Real TIme (sounds stressfully internet like) and something interestingly called 'My Slow Places' (probably getting stuck on a bus).

All right, I'm a little bit sarky. Sorry. I will be good. There, I'm breathing in, slowing down, better?

It looks like a good idea. We can all slow down, but isn't the whole point of London, the self-induced stress, part of the buzz?

The Slow Down London Site.


Asad said...

I think if they asked what made us such mad speed freaks in the first place, they might actually get has to change the culture of a city, and that kind of social engineering is rarely easy.

el director! said...

social engineering in london? please, we barely do engineering works correctly!