Sunday, 18 January 2009

And that WAS the weather...

Was anyone out and about last night? Well, for those that decided to brave London, it was the first storm of the year. And what a storm. Gales, sheet rain and even hailstones buffeted much of the capital las night. Puddles were everywhere, making London look like the Sub-Continent around the monsoon rather than a world class city. And no matter where you were, suicide takers were on te up as everyone acted like it was a balmy summer's evening. The full moon must have been out for the cab drivers of the city with their 'tooing' and 'froing' across the breadth of South London.

The calm, when it came was incredible. At around 2am-is, the storms just dissipated. Completely stopped. There was a couple of showers in the night, but they were a dusting compared to what occurred earlier.

The winter storms are horrific, as we here in the Capital are complete pansies when it comes to any sort of weather. But from the shelter of a house/bus/whatever, they are dramatic to look at and witness.

Just don't try cycling through it though...

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