Monday, 26 January 2009

Dear Investor

We are writing to you, esteemed investor to reiterate and reassure that our fine establishment is fine!

After all, we are well funded, are still making money and let us be honest here, we are never going to surrender!

See you at our next AGM where there will be caviar and champagne for all who are invited*, and do not worry about us, we will still be making money, come what may!

Tutty bye-bye!

Lord Toffington

(CEO Big British Banking Corp)

*Champagne, Caviar, Prostitutes, Limosuines and Corporate jets will be provided to the biggest 6 shareholders** only. These include myself, Lord Houghty Toughty (Chief Operating Officer), Lord Mason, Lord Mybestbuddy From School, Lord Truscott Moonie Taylor Snape and Sir Someone not that Important.

**We do not really count the government as a shareholder. After all, they roll over whenever we tell them to, hahaha!

1 comment:

Asad said...

But what about the global inflation stagnation situation? We need to print money, man...lots and lots of lovely, crisp notes...with increasing numbers of zeroes tacked on the end of their values...