Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fantasy Journeys

I have been very lucky to have extensively travelled over many pats of the Earth. Usually I travel to places that I want to see, places that have captured my imagination since a young age, fantasies that have built up in my mind. Other times, I take a quick holiday somewhere, just for the curiosity. Always, the sense of adventure prevails and there is always a sense of good that I feel whenever I simple head off somewhere unknown.

Later in the year I am off to Assam. The North East of India has fascinated me since I first learnt to read maps. How it existed, so cut off from the rest of the country, dominated by the Brahmaputra river running through it. With the Bay of Bengal on one side and Tibet on the other. It is only for two and a half weeks, but I cannot wait. It will be an adventure, and the best thing is that I know very little about the place...

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