Thursday, 15 January 2009

Gambleaware? Drinkaware? Or just Mickey Mouse?

Unlike smoking, booze and gambling are freely flaunted on every available screen, newspaper outlet and hoarding around as well as being hawked everywhere on the net. For me, smoking while a filthy habit is not as socially destructive as gambling or drinking. But anyway, it is all about choice, that for me is more important than the imposition of one person's morals over another. Enjoy your life and your body, that's the way I look on it.

But what makes me laugh is the way that during an advert for gambling or drink are the two websitres that apppear somewhere in the corner. Drinkaware and Gambleaware. Look at the funders and backers for these sites.

For the those with an awareness of getting drunk, you probably won't notice that the backers are the drinks companies. That includes the retailers (pubs and supermarkets) as well as the manufacturers.

For those with an awareness of gambling too much, the backers are more subtle including these guys. You're not drunk, so you might actually notice the irony if the casinos/bookies are directly backing Gambleaware.

Now in terms of effectiveness, these websites are about as useful as dirty knickers. I love the bit about having an open chat with your kids about the pros and cons of booze. Or the self assessment test to discover whether or not you have a gaming problem.

No one who drinks, smokes or gambles is unaware of the problems that come with it. After all, we have TV alongside the down and out of London town, the filled drinks cabinets of suburbia and of course, fast internet connections for that 'online buzz'. These pathetic websites are useless sops to whoever wants them. After all, we will do whatever we want. But what is more pathetic is the government support for these things. After all, if it weren't for th taxes paid on drinking and gambling (as well as smoking) then there would be very little left in the state coffers...

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Asad said...

Sorry mate...I'm too busy playing craps at this cool executive blackjack, where's that crate of Bud Light, the beer for the calorie conscious? Aha, I see it - under the statutory demand for payment...