Monday, 19 January 2009

My last article for a while

I have decided to round off my Citizen Journalism for a while to concentrate more on the filming, especially as the next few months will be critical. I am one of the most distracted film makers out there and so I am hanging up my pens for a while to really go all out on the filming side. It is again, one of the reasons why I am also giving up internet bumpf, but not yet blogging.

However, the article is a good one and over the past year, I am proud to have written some great articles for OhmyNews covering a wide variety of subjects, many of which would hav never been covered in the mainstream media, such is the power and breadth of Citizen Journalism.

My interview of Lara Farrar about the future of the media - click to read!


Asad said...

You'll be sorely missed, man. OMNI - which must be some obscure Korean acronym for shooting oneself in the foot from very close range - are losing one of their best. Nice interview, she Spanish?

el director! said...

I will miss OMNI, but life goes on! And no, Lara is American.