Saturday, 31 January 2009


Last night while at work was one of the more unusual pair of people that I saw get on the bus. It was a man and a woman, or more lile a boy and a girl, they were both barely 25.

The boy skipped onto the bus. Drunk. The girl (who I can assue was his girlfriend) toppled on. She then staggered and laid herself on the cab's assault screen. She started to fumble in her bag for her pass. She continued to fumble. And continued. Meanwhile, the boy starte to laugh. Not a hearty laugh, but more like a snigger. Remember Beavis and Butthead? Yeah, like that.

So they sit down. THroughout the journey they both seem to be in their own world, although they are both sat next to each other. THroughout the journey, the girl gets up as if she wants to vomit, but manages to contain herself. The boy continues to laugh. Yeah, like that.

Well, she couldn't contain herself, so after spewing the lower deck wth her insides, they both got off. At the bus stop, the boy started to beat the shelter up. But not in a manly way, or aggressive. Just weird. Yeah. Like that...

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