Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We've been here before...

A once thriving industry is now teetering on the edge. An industry in which Britain led, nay in fact invented the industry itself and an industry that has been so successfully copied round the world. This industry has unlocked the doors to economic development and has facilitated the expansion of globalisation. However, events 'beyond our control' have led us to this crisis. The industry has been overstretched and is suffering from a lack of confidence. This has led to numerous assets that are no longer viable. We are looking for a safe way in which to rid the industry of these bad decisions that were made in the heady atmosphere of yesterday but are now unviable in the clear economic light of the 'morning after'.

Therefore we have decided to take charge in these challenging times and are nationalising the railways. We aim to run them for a profit, while maintaining the social cohesion by providing low cost services to small out of the way areas around the country. Thereby we can justify our continued investment into this industry by using taxpayers money not only to save jobs and businesses from the difficulties that may face them if their rail service is cut, but we are also going to propel Britain's railways into the future! For the railways underline the basis of Britain's economy. And we are not about to let Britain collapse under the mighty pressures that abound.


Same words, a different era.

It will be interesting to see where the banking industry will be in 10 years time (shows promise), 20 years time (let's give up), 30 years time (an attempt at modernisation that will be ill thought through), 40 years time (sod it, we'll try some rationalisation on the sly) and 50 years time (Back to the Future)

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