Thursday, 29 January 2009

What the Flock?

I have three web browsers on my computer, and I only just discovered, after being on version 1.2.something for umpteen weeks that I needed an update. So bang, I visit the flock website and find out that there is already a version 2.

Well, what do I think. Flock is not my main browser, but I use it to manage all my CWP biz. It is simply convenient to have all the listings up on the side bar with all the accounts remembered for me.

I also like the way that the newsfeeds easily line up on the side. In the 'morning', with my tea and toast, I like to read the news on my compie and so flock is a good way to wake up. And flock does look nice. Things like posting a blog or uploading photos are pretty easy and there are some great firefox tools that come with it.

However, for pure 'business', I prefer to go with other, faster browsers and ones that, to be honest, are simpler. For me, Flock is great as it appeals to my sense of frivolity and fun, and using flock is an enjoyable way to surf the net. However, you do need a fast computer in order to truly appreciate it and the bundle of uses you can get from it. However, if I want to write an e-mail or do official things, even (sorry flock) online shopping, I prefer to use something with less clutter. Also, it would be great if there were auto-update reminders that would appear. Updating my browser is something that is not entirely painful, but it is no something I do automatically. Luckily, my other applications do them almost automatically, but Flock did not tell me of its Christmas gift to the world.

Well, do I recommend Flock? If you are simple net user who just reads the news and checks e-mails then no. You do not need it. However, if you love your social networking, gotta have the latest news, 'goss' and blogfeeds streaming in, and enjoy mucking about with online gadgets, than I heartily recommend it. One thing however, make sure you have a powerful machine. It takes up a lot of juice to run this particular browser.

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