Saturday, 7 February 2009

Greatest Bad Guys from Star Trek 2: The Borg Queen

To be honest, I did not want to do another set of Star Trek blogs for a while. But due to the death of Ricardo Montalbán, this set of blogs has been brought forward early. And so to the next bad guy, or should I say 'bad girl' - The Borg Queen.

To be blunt, the Borg are terrifying. Resistance is futile, all encompassing, all seeing, all breathing etc. The fact that your very essence, your individuality is taken away from you when you meet these guys. Not death, not even slavery (which would preclude some free thought), but existence. And the Borg Queen personified this in every way possible.

Let us think about this, the first time we meet her. In the CInema, during First Contact. And it is the Borg Queen that makes First Contact such a great film and the greatest film since Wrath of Khan. But unlike Wrath, First Contact had the special effects as well as the Bad Girl to boot. The Borg Queen took all that was sinister about the Borg and enveloped it into a single entity. The Borg throughout the Next Generation were terrifying. On the big screen they were legendary. The introduction of the Borg Queen for this film was a piece of genius and like Khan drew on the brilliance of an earlier episode.

She may not be as great as Khan (that personal conflict made it for me in Star Trek II), but the Borg Queen comes a pretty close second to Khan.

Resistance is Futile...

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