Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Greatest Bad Guys from Star Trek 3: Weyoun

The first two bad guys I talked about appeared on both movies and an incarnation of the televised episodes. Weyoun's activities were limited to the small screen; however this did not make him any less menacing. Weyoun practically owned the last three seasons of Deep Space Nine.

I am not going to describe his background because I would rather talk about the man himself. One of the greatest things about this villain was his duplicity. He was cold like the Borg Queen and clever like Khan but he also was as slippery as an eel. There was no way of pinning him down to anything or anyone. At times he would be merciless and at times he would just have a giggle often in the same scene. It was this duplicity that made Weyoun such a fascinating character. The way he acted, what he did, he was the perfect leader with complete control over his subordinates. He was also ruthless, just like any other leader, quite happily ordering mass killings and in effect was the driving force of the Dominion War. However, his unquestioning loyalty to the Founders, his worship of them also freaked you out as a viewer. After all the power that he commanded after all the deception that he was capable of, his brains and thoughts, he would bow down and worship a shape shifter.

Weyoun - Seemingly harmless, but looks can be deceptive...

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